The New Kathleen Lights X ColourPop Zodiac Loose Pigments Feature 12 Bold Shades Coming Soon

When I first delved into the world of beauty gurus on YouTube, Kathleen Fuentes, aka KathleenLights, was one of the number one players in the game, and she's held her own as time has gone by, sitting pretty now with a cool four million subscribers. Fuentes was also one of the first influencers to ever collaborate with a major beauty brand, and she's released a variety of products with ColourPop Cosmetics. That said, their latest collab is one of their best, so if you're wondering when the new ColourPop x KathleenLights Zodiac Loose Pigments Collection launches, read your horoscope and get ready to glam accordingly, because it's available very soon.

While Fuentes has her own beauty brand of 12-free nail polishes, KL Polish, she's always been a strong supporter of ColourPop, and their first collaboration debuted way back in 2017, when they launched the Dream Collection. Fast forward to 2018, and they'd teamed up once more, this time dropping the Zodiac Collection, which included two Lux Lips, two Super Nova Shadows, two Super Shock Highlighters, and the Instagram-approved Zodiac Palette. Fast forward one more time to present-day 2019, and you've got the latest on their third official collaboration, which will expand the original Zodiac Collection in a big way.

In a video uploaded on January 28 to her Youtube account, Fuentes excitedly dished to her fans about the new products:


"I told you guys that if you thought the Zodiac stuff ended at this," she says, holding up the original Zodiac Palette, "Well then!" She goes on to introduce what she refers to as "12 brand new, amazing freaking pigments," aka The Zodiac Loose Pigment Collection.

"Our AQUARIUS queen is BACK!" declared ColourPop on their reveal Instagram post:

First of all, I'm loving that they decided to stick with the gilded packaging featuring golden suns, moons, star sign constellations, and the like. While the OG Zodiac Palette ($18, had a navy background, the new Loose Pigment Collection is done in more of an aqua, perhaps as a play on words of Fuentes's own sign, Aquarius. Cute!

"We wanted to continue the Zodiac theme bcecause it had been so requested to keep going and to just do more Zodiac-inspired stuff with ColourPop," Fuentes tells fans in her video. "So we wanted to expand the collection in a unique way, in a different way." And while Fuentes is a ColourPop stan, she is quick to spill some tea and clarify that this formula is an all-new standard for the brand. "They weren't that good," admits Fuentes of ColourPop's original Super Star Loose Shadow pigment formulas, but she insists that her collection features an entirely new type of pigment that really wows. According to the brand, they can be used wet or dry, but are "better when WET," so you've got ~options~ for how bold you want to go.

Need proof? Peep the swatches, done by Instagram beauty news account, @TrendMood1:

And feast your eyes on this stunning campaign image, in which Fuentes rocks a trio of the new shades:

There are 12 shades in total, one for each zodiac sign, and each hue is named after the symbol that represents the specific sign. For example, Fuentes is an Aquarius, the symbol and shade for which are both "The Water Bearer," which is a vibrant sky blue with blue glitters. My zodiac sign is Pisces, the symbol and shade for which are both "The Fish," a super light aquamarine shade that also coordinates with my birth stone. Nailed it.

Whether or not you're a fan of keeping up with your horoscope and your Zodiac sign, this collection is absolutely gorgeous, and you can buy the pigments for $6 apiece, or all together in a $70 set. The newness drops on Thursday, January 31, on the ColourPop website, which gives you plenty of time to Google your real sign, as well as jot down all the signs you want to wear on your eyes based off these swatches.