12 Cute Zodiac Tattoos That Won't Look Like A Drunken Mistake

by Rosey Baker
Marco Milanovic

I've wanted to get a zodiac tattoo for a while now, but every time I walk into a tattoo parlor, I find books upon books of the same old shit.

There are books just filled with slight variations on the general symbols or glyphs of the zodiac signs. Some are in plain black, others with a flower peeping out from behind, but mostly these are very basic.

Worse yet, these basic tattoos always end up looking like the result of a drunken night out.

But the owners and artists of the following zodiac tattoos prove if you want an original tattoo for your zodiac sign, you have to think outside the symbols that are given to you, do your research, and implement what you know about the sign's characteristics as well.


The rams head on's left thigh is so gorgeous, it actually steals the spotlight away from an adorable bunny in this photo. Love the simple lines and the bold placement, too.


This Taurus tattoo takes the signs symbol of a bull and turns it into a warrior woman with a penetrating focus. The colors are bright, but soft- no Taurus would accept any colors that were too glaring.

This tattoo perfectly combines Taurus strength with the soft beauty of the signs ruling planet, Venus.


Gemini is ordinarily marked by a glyph that looks like the roman numeral II. SNOOZEVILLE. But this tattoo artist has instead focused on the signs symbol of the twins, and on its double-sided (OK, two-faced) characteristics to make this gorgeous piece.

What I love is that the twins are joined together by a flower that looks like a third eye, like a reminder to Geminis to balance their conflicting desires by getting in touch with their higher self.


This one takes the symbol of the sign of Cancer, the crab, and uses dot work to create a stunningly shaded image with a beautiful mandala-like design on the shell. I'm not a Cancer, but can I get this please? I mean, GORGEOUS.


A powerful tattoo for a powerful sign. This Lion tattoo, with its flowing mane is the perfect representation of the pride, power, and charisma of the most loyal sign in the zodiac.


This artist uses a combination of the constellation of Virgo and the signs symbol of the virgin. A naked woman sits kneeling humbly, connected to the stars at her hip.

Stylistically, it's very virgo-like as well. Simple, to-the-point, and detailed.


Libras are symbolized by the scales and ruled by the planet Venus, which governs beauty, love, and creativity.

Not gonna lie, it's probably the Venusian influence that gave this guy such good taste in tattoo artists.


Scorpios have a deep appreciation for quality handwork, and as people, they are always searching for the meaning underneath someone's words, image, or actions.

This tattoo reflects that penetrating scorpio curiosity, with the symbol of a scorpion dotted in an outline around the constellation of the sign itself.


The sign of the archer is always looking for new directions to point his arrow. I love that this tattoo is just the arrow, as if the owner themselves are the bow. Not to mention it's not too overt, in its zodiac symbolism. I mean, I love astrology, but I don't think it's necessary to get too carried away with some huge permanent tattoo about it.


If a traditional sign like Capricorn is going to get an edgy-ass tattoo, they're gonna at least make sure it looks like they spent real money on it. This tat is baller AF.


If you give an Aquarius enough time, they will overthink almost any decision, and committing to one thing is too terrifying for a sign like this, who is always shifting and changing.

That's why it's best to stick with something small, as this Aquarius did. Using the glyph for Aquarius and choosing a unique, surprising placement is the perfect representation of this sign, because they are full of cute surprises, like this shoulder tattoo.


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing the end of winter into spring and the process of death and rebirth. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, toward the light and dark, life and death, yin and yang. This pretty much nails it.