ColourPop Is Dropping A Zodiac Makeup Collection & It's Affordable AF

by Stephanie Montes
colourpopcosmetics on Instagram

If you're the type of person that refuses to make big decisions without checking your horoscope first, there's a new makeup collection written in the stars for you. ColourPop is about to release a seven-piece zodiac-inspired line that's sure to bring out your inner astrologist. So when does ColourPop's zodiac makeup collection drop? Before we get into launch dates, let's talk about what you can expect from the new launch, but here's a hint: It'll be on sale before your next horoscope is released.

Inspired by astrology, the collection features an eye shadow palette, two Super Shock Highlighters, two Lux Lipsticks, and two glitter-packed shades of liquid Supernova Shadow. And in true ColourPop fashion, the collection is presented in collaboration with an influencer who has two million Instagram followers and nearly four million YouTube subscribers: beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights. And in case you forgot, Kathleen Lights has collaborated with the affordable beauty brand at the end of 2017 on a 21-piece collection that includes everything from a pressed eye shadow, a liquid lipstick bundle and Super Shock Shadow singles.

But if you stay up to date on your beauty drama, you know this is technically the third ColourPop x Kathleen Lights collaboration. In October 2017, a pressed eye shadow palette went on sale named the" You Had Me At Hello" palette that apparently was originally supposed to be called "Lumina" by Kathleen Lights.


Photos of the palette went viral when customers discovered that the logo on the packaging was actually a sticker covering up the original name. Even the back of the palette (where you can find the names of each shade), was covered with a huge sticker that displayed different shade names. The "Lumina" palette was supposed to have shade names like "Moon Sign", "Luna", and "Gravity", instead of names like "The Knot", "Winning Ticket", and "Pulling Strings". This launch came a month after the beauty vlogger's racial slur scandal.

But fast forward to now, the brand is proud to present a do-over, maybe one inspired by the original space-inspired names of the "Lumina" palette. In a video on her YouTube channel, Kathleen Lights explains that she tried to stay true to the zodiac color wheel as much as possible (with a few tweaks so the palette made sense.) “The Zodiac” eyeshadow palette has a total of 12 shimmery and matte shades, all of which are true as possible to traditional mythology. In the palette, you can find shades like, "The Aries," which is a metallic orange with golden flecks in it and "The Tauras," a warm brown with a yellow undertone.

Rounding out the collection are two Luxe Lipsticks — "What's Your Sign" is her perfect nude and "Scorpion Moon," which is a pink with a cooler undertone — and two liquid Supernova Shadows — "Astrology" is a foiled liquid gold, and "Constellation" is a silvery champagne pink.

And finally, because no ColourPop collection is complete without highlighters, "The Zodiac" collab features two shades. "On the Cusp" is both a gold and silver reflection, which gives you a cool-meets-warm glow, and "Fire," a golden peach.

In case you're wondering when the Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Zodiac Collection, you're in luck. The collection launches on July 26 on ColourPop's website, which is only two days from now. And if you're still relying on your horoscope to decide whether you need this collection or not, all you need to know is this: A sold-out collection is sure to be written in the stars, so if I were you, I'd move fast.