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When Does Selena Gomez's "Wolves" Music Video Come Out? Here's Everything You Should Know


Hold onto your butts, Selena-heads. This girl can't stop bombarding us with news, gossip, and stupid-catchy songs. On Nov. 6, the "Bad Liar" singer announced on Twitter she will be performing her new song "Wolves" at the American Music Awards (AMAs). While we're stoked to see her perform it, fans are really wondering when does Selena Gomez' "Wolves" music video come out?! Unfortunately, she's hasn't called to give me the official update, but that's why internet stalking exists, and here's what the internet has told me.

On Oct. 25, Selena dropped "Wolves" in collaboration with DJ Marshmello and, like most of her work, it's an emotional journey. While her Instagram pictures promoting the hit show her goofing off with Marshmello, the lyrics are much more intense. She has yet to comment on what the song is directly about, but fans are deducing a lot on their own.

Here are the chorus lyrics to give you a quick little taste:

I know. Many think pieces can be written about this stuff...

Today, Gomez announced the good AMAs news and teased the video to come on Twitter, and it looks freaking awesome.

As per usual, Gomez is all kinds of mysterious and the teaser is complete with a pool scene and sequin outfit.

Gomez said she first heard a rough cut of the song when one of her writers brought it to her in Japan. She told Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe,

Sure, "it's mirrored everything" is the most vague statement a human can make when talking about the "personal" lyrics to their song and simultaneously divulging literally no specifics, but sure, it' clearly meaningful and relevant to Gomez' life anyway.

It's been a wild ride keeping up with Selena's music this summer as fans linked "Bad Liar" and "Fetish" to her relationship with The Weeknd, which surprisingly just came to an end in October. It would be sort of uncomfortable timing if "Wolves" was about him too, especially because she posted a video of herself singing the song while riding her bike just days after the split went public.

I guess it's not like she could have known her relationship was going to end when she was writing "Wolves," but don't celebrities have, like, wizards they hire to predict these things so their personal lives line up perfectly with PR for their projects?

If not, can I... like... do that?

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