Glossier Is Dropping A Merch Line Called Glossiwear With The Cutest, Coziest Pink Hoodies

Just when I thought I had all things Glossier I could ever possibly want, the innovative, aesthetic AF beauty brand had to go and announce a whole new line of products. This time, though, makeup and skincare aren't part the lineup: Instead, expect sweatshirts and other wearable goodies. When does Glossier's Glossiwear drop? That's what pretty much everyone is dying to find out, and according to the brand, there's one sure-fire way to be the first to know.

Glossier is a brand that became almost instantly iconic a few years back, thanks to a myriad of factors that made them stand out in a sea of over-hyped beauty brands. When everyone else was obsessing over a full-coverage, photo-ready beat complete with overly-perfected "Instagram brows," the brand's Boy Brow ($16, formula made waves for adding color and enhancing shape without looking like much at all. Since then, they've dramatically impacted the "no make-up make-up" space, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a beauty-lover who isn't constantly re-using one of the brand's signature pink pouches. Somehow, repping Glossier while out and about has become almost as desireable as wearing their actual beauty products, which is why a drop like Glossiwear makes so much sense.

If you've ever been to a Glossier store IRL, you've no doubt spent time obsessing over the employees' pale pink boiler suits. So chic:

Now, Glossier is finally listening to their fans and dropping an entire line of wearable merch:

Why do I already know that I'm going to buy everything?? No word on if actual boiler suits will join the lineup, but expect the deamy pink hoodie above, plus a few other ready-to-wear pieces, fingers crossed. Glossier is basically the brand that made millennial pink a thing, so if anyone can lean into this borderline-basic color palette and make it cool again, it's them. Personally, I'm all for a cozy pink hoodie, so I'm pretty much over the moon. The brand did have a Glossier crewneck available on the site at one point, but it looks like Glossiwear will be an entirely separate line of merch.

But Glossier, if you're reading this, I'm not lying when I say I'd buy the boiler suit. Think about it!

Unfortunately, the brand hasn't given any other sneak peeks as to what the drop will include just yet, so for now, one cute sweatshirt is all we have to go by. What we do know, though, is that Glossiwear is coming soon: According to the brand's Instagram post, we can expect the full collection on July 17. Marking my calendar ASAP!

BTW, if you want to be one of the very first people notified of the drop, you can sign up now on the Glossier site to be emailed all the lauch deets:


Of course, the brand's dedicated Twitter stans are already freaking out:

My makeup collection is already chock full of Glossier, and it's exciting to think that soon, my closet will be, too. If you're into the idea of beauty brands making merch, then stay tuned to Glossier's social media accounts this week, as the newness drops July 17. Until then, I'll be Marie Kondo-ing my wardrobe so I can justify snagging it all.