Fenty Beauty Is Dropping New Diamond Bomb Products, & My Glitter-Loving Heart Can't Handle It

Um, can someone please come get Rihanna? She is doing too much, and the rest of the beauty industry, the fashion fashion industry, and the world in general simply cannot keep up. Along with trying to save up coin for Fenty and Savage X, I now find myself wondering when Fenty Beauty's new Diamond Bomb products drop, because if you don't know, the OG Diamond Bomb is my favorite product the brand has ever made. Think sexy, icy, blingy magic, and you've nailed the Diamond Bomb aesthetic. Too much of a good thing is impossible, according to Rihanna, hence the decision to expand the Diamond Bomb collection with a few new goodies. I'm not complaining, but sheesh. The Fenty newness really never ends!

Honestly, I was willing to forgo summer's glitzy eyes and Euphoria vibes and settle down for a nice, neutral fall, but now that I've seen what Fenty Beauty has brewing, I take it all back — bring on the sparkle! RiRi took to the brand's Instagram account today to drop not one, but two new Diamond Bomb formulas, and my makeup bag and wallet were simply not prepared. "We gettin' blinged TF OWT💎✨! Meet Diamond Bomb II, a new diamond-dusted holographic pink sparkle that’ll have your face and body looking veiled in peachy-pink crystals!" the brand captioned its post.

Hiiiii, pretty, sparkly, pinky Diamond Bomb 2.0:

The official shade name for the Diamond Bomb II ($38, is "Holo At Me," and OMG, can we take a moment for this shimmer fantasy?

Fenty Beauty

Compared to the OG Diamond Bomb's icy shift, seen below, the new highlighter's pinky tone is so different, but just as glam:

Fenty Beauty

Be still my glitter-loving heart. Buuuuut wait, there's more, because Rihanna isn't here for a one-and-done drop, thank you very much! "Rollin' up lookin' like wealth! Get ready to bring your shine on-the-go with our Liquid Diamond Bomb," the brand posted on Instagram, describing the product as "a new roll-on liquid 3D glitter to highlight ya life in a show-stopping sparkle for your face and body."

Suddenly, the roll-on body glitters of my childhood have evolved into this, a sexy snowglobe of Rihanna-approved glitz:

I mean, hi, I'll take ten bottles, minimum:

Fenty Beauty

The Liquid Diamond Bomb in "Rollin' Dice" ($28, is a totally new formula for Fenty Beauty, inspired by the original Diamond Bomb's icy glow. I always loved that the OG highlighter was more slippery than chalky in texture, so a full-on liquified version seems too good to be true. Excuse me while I buy enough bottles to fill up a tub! I need a Diamond Bomb Bubble Bath, stat!

When and where to snag these new sparkly stunners, you ask? Both the Diamond Bomb II and the Liquid Diamond Bomb will hit Sephora and the Fenty Beauty website on September 20. Don't forget to set an alarm, or else risk being the only one not decked out in diamond glow at your next party.