This Is When You Can Redeem Your MacCoin For A Free Big Mac, So Get Hungry

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If you want to get to know me, one of the first things you should know is that I absolutely love coupons. I probably have about 30 various coupons stashed under my bed, and I currently have not two, but three BOGO food coupons stuffed in my wallet alone, you know, for the next time I'm feeling really hungry. With that, you may have heard that McDonald's is giving out tokens (aka MacCoins) to trade in for a free Big Mac, and you might be wondering when you can use McDonald's MacCoin. Well, the good news is that you have quite a bit of time to cash in the McCoin to get your hands on a glorious — and complimentary — sandwich.

Aside from the fact that the MacCoin is a freaking awesome souvenir (I mean, come on, it's basically an adult Happy Meal toy), it's also redeemable for a free Big Mac. Yes, you heard that correctly, and if you happen to be lucky enough to snag one with your Big Mac purchase during lunch on Thursday, Aug. 2, you can trade it in anytime between Friday, Aug. 3, through Dec. 31, 2018. It sounds unreal, but it's true: This glorious coupon is actually valid for the rest of this year, so try to save your free-of-charge burger for the absolute perfect day. Or you can even save it for a not-so-great day, when you need the best possible pick-me-up. Whatever floats your boat.

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You're probably wondering why America's greatest fast food chain is giving away free MacCoins. Well, the reason is that they're basically good old-fashioned party favors. The Big Mac turns 50 on Aug. 2. To celebrate the Big Mac's fiftieth successful trip around the sun, McDonald's decided to give away free MacCoins to every customer who ordered a Big Mac, beginning during Thursday's lunch hour (while supplies last). I'm not entirely sure how many MacCoins are still available, however, a McDonald's run might still be in necessary. Ya know, just in case there are still some left.

You might also want to make a Mickey D's run on a Friday, too, because if you do, you'll be able to snag a free medium order of french fries. For the rest of the year, you can celebrate Fry Day by downloading the McDonald's app, and registering for an account through the app. In addition to loads of other sick deals, you'll see a coupon that advertises a free order of medium fries with every $1 purchase through the end of 2018. Simply show the coupon on the app, buy any item that costs at least a buck, and you're good to go. A free Big Mac, some free fries, and a $1 soda will leave you with the perfect (and budget-friendly) meal.

Redeeming your MacCoin before the end of the year shouldn't be too tricky. You never know when you'll need it most. You can grab your free Big Mac to heal after a really bad day or to celebrate a really good one. Regardless of when you decide to trade it in, don't forget to praise the hamburger lords, my meat-lovin' friends, because this is one of the greatest coupons I've yet to feast my eyes (and my stomach) on.