If You're Bringing Your S.O. On A Friend-Vacay For The First Time, Don't Trip — Remember These 7 Things

Whether you and your pals go on a trip every spring or you're planning an outing with a new circle — you may be feeling a little intimidated about bringing your partner on a group trip with friends. Maybe your boo has never made the guest list, or your trip has always been a "friends only" space — extending invites to S.O.s can be a big transition for an inaugural trip. Although you may wonder how all the pieces will fit together, rest assured that bringing your partner on a trip with your friends doesn't need to be stressful.

There are lots of little ways to help a group trip with the addition of your partner run as smoothly as possible. From checking in beforehand about who is coming, to setting specific boundaries for couple stuff and friend stuff: With a little open conversation, bringing you S.O. on a trip with your friends can be an amazing way to bond and relax in a new setting. Travel is an amazing way to learn about the world, and sharing it with loved ones can be extra special.

Here are seven things to remember if your are bringing your partner on a group trip for the first time.


Although you may not remember this when you're running around looking for your phone that fell off the boat or feeling stressed about packing the most into your itinerary, vacation is supposed to fun and relaxing. Sharing time with your friends and a partner doesn't need to be a stress fest. Take time to relax and enjoy.

Remember Their *Little Quirks*

Whether your boo has a really intense hair routine or you know they hate the dark, taking their *little quirks* into consideration can be a great way to make them feel cared for. If you're taking your partner camping for the first time, remember they may not be super into bugs and dirt, or if they need to be connected to Wi-Fi at all time, you may want to check the Airbnb first.

Find Time To Be Together & Apart

If you're traveling with friends that you don't get to see often, remember that it's OK to let your boo read a book or go on a solo walk to have some bonding time with your pals without your boo around. Give yourself time to do cute couple stuff and time to see your friends. Additionally, allowing your partner time with some of your friends without you around can allow them to develop a deeper bond, too.

Not Everyone Needs To *Get* Every Joke

If your friends have done a yearly trip since high school you may have years of inside jokes and memories that come out on the trip. Obviously, you want your partner to feel comfy and included, but accepting that they're not going to get every joke or every reference can take some major pressure off of you to make sure everyone is getting along. You don't need to stress about getting your partner 100 percent tuned into the past. There's plenty of time to make new jokes and memories, all together.

Check In About The Guest List

If you've dating or hooked up with some of your friends, perhaps on a trip like this — you may want to check in with your partner before you go and they find out they're in a house with someone you have a history with. You don't want them to feel blind-sighted or bombarded once you've already gotten away. If some people invited don't rub you the right way or if you know you don't get along with your bestie's other bestie, letting your partner know can keep them alert to give you extra support if drama occurs during the trip.

Make Time For Meals And Naps

No one likes to be tired or hungry, or tired and hungry —especially when traveling. Making sure you and your boo have honest check-ins about your needs throughout the trip, like when you need a snack or to sit for a bit, can help keep everyone feeling good and fresh. If your friends are totally "go, go, go," or if they don't eat breakfast — your boo may be hesitant to express their needs or feel pressure to "go with the flow," when they need to eat or need to nap. Make sure your boo knows that their needs are important and that it's always OK for them to tap out of an activity or to say what they need.

It's OK To Keep It G-Rated

If you're taking your partner on a trip with your friends, you don't need to feel pressure to get it on for the whole trip. It's OK to treat your partner like a friend, to want to keep the sexy stuff on the DL, to wear old leggings for a week, and just enjoy everyone's company. It's OK to wear your ugly underwear that's comfy or to eat Popeye's at midnight with you hands. It's obviously always OK to do this, but if you're with your friends, you can let your boo see your friend-side, too. It's also OK to want to keep it flirty and romantic. It's your vacay.

When it comes to bringing your partner on a trip with your friends, you can do whatever feels right for you. From talking to them before about who is coming to setting some time for food and naps, sometimes a little pre-planning can nip potential travel stress in the bud. You don't need to trip about having the best vacation ever to have a wonderful group trip with your boo.