How To Pull Off An Epic Vacay In A Group Of Three, So No One Feels Like A Third Wheel

by Kristin Corpuz

If you're thinking of planning a trip sometime soon, you're likely looking for ways to make it different than the last. You might be considering visiting a place you've never been to before, trying out a different method of transportation, or even bringing along two of your best pals for the ride. But, traveling in a group of three can sometimes be tough. You might have to deal with the dynamics of being a third wheel, or one of your friends might end up actually being the third wheel. (Third-wheeling doesn't just apply to traveling with a couple, either; sometimes, two friends in the group could be closer than the third.)

Traveling with your friends will absolutely make you closer than ever, and will bless you with an irreplaceable bond that no other experience can really give you. And though traveling in a group of three can be a struggle at times, it also has the potential to be the best trip any of you ever go on.

If you just follow a few of these tips — like giving each other room to do your own thing and trading off taking pictures of each other — the three of you are sure to have an unforgettable trip.

Find Activities That You're All Interested In
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When you're traveling in a pair, it's usually easy to balance the activities you do. Maybe you'll trade off who chooses, or it's relatively easy to reach a consensus because there's only two of you. In a group of three, it can get a little more complicated.

If the three of you decide what activities you'd each like to take part in ahead of time, you can avoid any potential awkwardness or disagreements. Make sure that there's something for everyone on your itinerary so that all three of you are happy and can get the most out of your trip.

When In Doubt, Go On A Group Tour

In my experience, tours are a great go-to whenever you're looking for an activity that'll make the whole group happy. You also have the potential of making some new friends.

You'll get to see the highlights of whatever city you're visiting, which is exactly what you came for. Plus, you can decide which part you want to explore more of later on. A lot of tours include lunch or a snack, too, so you can eat some delicious food that you might not have been able to try otherwise.

Take Turns Taking Pics Of Each Pair In The Group
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Taking pictures of each other is a great way to make sure everyone feels included on the trip. You can definitely take one of those hilarious pics of the couple kissing and the "third wheel" off to the side making a funny face, but you don't have to make that the norm. The three of you decided to travel together because you all love each other, and you should have pictures to document the memories.

Make Time For Everyone To Do Their Own Thing, Too
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Alone time is essential during any trip. You will be able to explore a site or sign up for a fun excursion that might not pique your other friends' interests. Make sure that you plan some time for yourself in your itinerary so that all of you can go off and do your own thing for a bit, then regroup later.

Find Cute Ways For The Three Of You To Bond Outside Of The Traveling Activities
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Traveling is all about spending quality time with your travel companions and making new memories. Try to find ways for your group to bond outside of the normal traveling activities.

You can make (or buy) friendship bracelets, do face masks together every night of the trip, or even get matching tattoos or piercings to commemorate the adventure of a lifetime with your best pals. Little things to help you remember the trip forever will bring you closer together and make the memories from your travels even more special.