Why Travel Friends Are The Forever Kind Of Friends

If you have a core group of friends you travel with, you should consider yourself extremely lucky. You have a squad that's willing to make those dreamed-up adventures of yours a reality. The people you travel with are meant to stick around for the long haul, and here's why.

It's not every day you can say that the people you consider to be your BFFs have walked the white sand beaches of Greece with you. You could even say the people who know all of your secrets floated alongside you in the Dead Sea. Once you add that travel aspect to any kind of relationship, your passport isn't the only thing that's fulfilled. The friends you bring along the way are taking up a special place in your heart.

Sooner or later, you realize these people who have been by your side on land, water, and in the air are more than just your travel buddies. They're full of all the qualities, and more, that are common for a forever friend. You need a small circle of friends like this in your life. If your travel friends are going to be around before, during, and after your adventures, it's because of these seven things.

They've Shared Many Bucket List Goals With You

How incredible does it feel crossing off things on your bucket list? When you're taking it all in, and you look to your left and your right, you never forget the people who shared those glorious moments with you. Your travel friends are engraved in those memories, always and forever.

You've Spent Countless Hours Sleeping On Their Shoulders

Shoulder buddies much? If your travel friends let you use their shoulders as a pillow during those long international flights, they're staying around for the long haul. Chances are, they didn't even move you when they lost all feeling in their arms. That tiny sacrifice can't go unnoticed, and it's a surefire way to land a spot in your forever friend circle, am I right?

You Have The Same Kind Of Wanderlust

If it wasn't obvious yet, you and your travel friends have the same kind of wanderlust. Even more important, you guys share the same desire to feed that wanderlust as soon as possible. You never have to worry about them flaking on big plans. You've entrusted them with major travel goals, and they've always followed through. Yeah, your bestie senses should be tingling.

You've Spent A Lot Of Downtime With Them, And It Wasn't Boring

A surefire way to tell if someone is a forever friend is if you can be entertained with them doing almost nothing at all. Life can't always be super exciting. There's downtime in between all of the fun. You and your travel friends have spent long rides, delays, and detours together. You know how to make the most out of that chill time, and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

They Gave You The Window Seat More Than Once

I know this sounds silly, but how many people willingly give you the window seat during a scenic ride? That says something. Your travel buddies want you to enjoy the journey almost as much as the destination. So, if your travel friends have let you take the window seat, you better keep them close.

They're Willing To Invest In Your Dreams

Travel destinations take up most of the space on your dream board, and while your travel buddies obviously didn't pay for the entire trip, they spent the dough to accompany you. They invested in one of your dreams so you could make it happen together. That's was best friends do. Your happiness brings them happiness.

They've Helped You Conquer A Few Fears

Remember those moments before you went ziplining through the jungle in Costa Rica? Your travel buddies gave you the moral support you needed when you were low-key freaking out about how high up you were. You did it, and realized it wasn't as bad as your fears were making it out to be.

Don't sleep on the forever friend potential of the people you travel with. You won't need a map to find out how everlasting their friendship really is.