7 Women Talk About The Most Surprisingly-Good Sex They've Ever Had & I'm Screaming

There's a certain joy that comes with finding what you think is an amazing 70s dress, only to learn that the garment is, in fact, a 70s jumpsuit. This feeling — that you were already going to buy an item for it's pattern or color and then finding that it hits your curves and makes you feel like Jackie Burkhart — can only be compared to having surprisingly-good sex. You're already in, and into it, but the sex being better than expected is a new level of happy. When you're on a date, or just hanging with a new boo, it's not always possible to tell just how good the good stuff is going to be. If you're feeling comfortable with someone, and feeling like you definitely want to get it on, having it turn into like, the best sex ever, is just icing on the cake.

Maybe you got back on Tinder after a breakup and haphazardly went to the Goodwill outlets with someone who looks like a skinny Hagrid, only to have literally amazing sex after (hi) or maybe you said what the hell! and gave a barista your number, which ended in them giving you a latte of lovin'. Whatever the encounter, having sex that turns into ohmygod sex, is one of the best feelings ever.

I spoke with seven cuties about feeling yourself and the times shackin' up with a new boo went surprisingly well.

Down With The Get Down
Circumpunk on YouTube
He didn't have a condom, which meant nothing penetrative was happening on my end. But he literally didn't complain or beg me or anything and just went down on me for like an hour and it was amazing and honestly better than other sex I've had where it was focused on the guy finishing.

— Sophie, 24

Animal House
He told me that he had only had sex with his high school girlfriend, and that it was really bad and awkward with her, so I was expecting that I was going to need to be kind of be patient, but holy sh*t. We were in his frat and I literally needed to block my mouth so all the boys in the house wouldn't hear me screaming.

— Jenna, 19

Beginners' Luck
Our sex (as most queer sex can be) plays by it's own rules and kind of took it's time. But the first time she fingered me was so shockingly good that I joked that she must have done it before.

— Vikky, 22*

Talk It Out
I started antidepressants a few months ago and I've always dealt with anxiety during sex, but these meds make it even more difficult for me to get off and thus more anxiety-inducing. The last time I had sex, I just explained where I was and told them to take their time and it was really nice. I just sorta laid there, which is all the libido I can muster right now, and it was better than a lot of sex I've had pre-meds.

— D, 26*

Listen To The Music
kylerichards18 on Instagram
I had surprisingly good sex with a stranger in a closet once. I was at a music festival and we didn't really talk and it kinda just happened and it was like amazing.

— Lucy, 24

No Strings
For me, the best sex is always with someone you're not like emotionally attracted to, or not like a 'hot' boy.

—Noa, 20*

Formal Invitation
On the baseball fields after a formal, I had like the best sex ever, like a G-spot orgasm just from like penis-in-me sex, not like going down on me or fingering or anything. Honestly, it changed the game for how I masturbated after.

— Rach, 23

From closets to sporting events, there's no way to know when (or where) surprisingly good sex is going to happen. Wherever you are, if you're feelin' yourself and feelin' your boo, potential for #bestsexever status is on the rise. Of course, when it comes to sex, what matters most is consent and communication. The best sex can come from being open and honest about what you want to be doing, with who you want to be doing it with. Having sex turn into OMG sex can be an added bonus — especially when it (or when you) comes as a surprise.

*Names have been changed