Four Signs You’ll Have Good Sexual Chemistry, Before You Even Kiss

Ask pretty much anyone what one of the most important ingredients are in the recipe for an amazing date, and chances are the large majority of people will start describing what has come to be known as sexual chemistry. It's hard to explain why we feel explosively attracted to some people and not interested at all in others. And while it's difficult to be certain about your level of chemistry with someone if you haven't kissed them yet, there are some signs you'll have good sexual chemistry that you can spot early on.

Most dating experts will tell you that while feeling immediately drawn to someone can feel really "special" and "irreplaceable" in the moment, chemistry is also something that can be created. As the name implies, it's all about the the blending of different elements which results in a unique compound. Sometimes when we meet someone new, our body immediately recognizes that their specific blend of elements is just right and subsequently an energetical bond is formed. To better understand the signs that there will be intense sexual chemistry before a kiss, Elite Daily spoke to dating and etiquette expert April Masini of Relationship Advice Forum.

1. You Feel A Physical Pull

According to Masini, if you find yourselves constantly feeling physically pulled towards each other, then there's a pretty good chance there will be some serious fireworks when your lips do finally lock.

"When you’re drawn to someone because of chemistry, it’s like magnets. You can’t just be in a room together — you have to be near each other," says Masini.

While the drive to be physically near one another can be pretty intense to manage, it's definitely a sign that the physical connection between the two of you would be fire.

2. Keeping Your Hands To Yourselves Is A Struggle

"When you find yourselves holding hands, kissing, caressing — without even realizing it — it’s because you’ve got great chemistry. This is a sign that you’re not just drawn to each other, but that you really want to be connected, physically, at all times," explains Masini.

If you're enjoying a night out with someone new that you have yet to kiss but notice a spark when their hand lingers for a second longer than necessary, or you catch yourself finding any excuse to touch them, then that's certainly good news.

3. You Keep Catching Each Others Eyes

There's nothing quite like meeting eyes with someone and feeling that distinctive drop in the pit of your stomach.

"When you catch each other’s eyes and connect visually, across a room, a subway car, a class — these are sexy ways you’re building and showing your chemistry," says Masini.

That explains why eye contact can be such a powerful tool when it comes to sussing out if someone is into you. According to Masini, if you catch someone watching you when they think your attention is elsewhere, then that's a pretty strong sign that they are probably buying what you're selling.

4. They Linger In Your Mind

I'm sure we can all think back on a time when we were so physically attracted to someone that just the thought of them would cause you to get all kinds of flustered.

"When you’re really attracted to someone you can’t stop thinking about being with them," confirms Masini. "You daydream about being with them, you fantasize about being with them and you plan what you want to do when you’re not with them. This is a sign you have great chemistry together."

Chemistry is one of those things that can be difficult to put into words or even talk about in a completely rational way. And while it's usually pretty easy to tell when your feeling particularly in sync with someone, the only way to know for sure is to kiss them and see what happens.

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