Sephora Collection's New Skincare Line Is All About Utilizing Clean, Effective Ingredients

Sephora Collection

Pretty much every single time I'm shopping at Sephora, I end up snagging a product from Sephora Collection in addition to whatever I'm actually there to grab. I always fall prey to their super inexpensive sheet masks and eye gels, and for just a few bucks, I can always seem to justify it. When I visited Sephora this week and saw their in-house brand had expanded their skincare range in a big way — while maintaining their low prices, hooray — I was thrilled, and if you haven't seen what's in the Sephora Collection Skincare Line, I can tell you right now it will be hard to resist not snagging a few items next time you're shopping online or in store.

In my eyes and the eyes of many, the Sephora Collection line prior to now has had two great strengths: face masks, of which they had and still have a reasonably-priced variety of great options, and tools, because no one likes spending the big bucks on a brush, sponge, or lash curler. With so many beauty fanatics finally prioritizing their skincare as highly as their makeup, the brand has decided to branch out and create a full skincare range, with Instagrammy packaging and a major focus on ingredients.

When I saw these in store, I did a double-take. So cute, right?

"Our new, clean skincare line is here, and it’s all under $20. Seriously!" the brand declared on their Instagram page. "Try our cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and more—made without iffy ingredients for the wow-results you want."

Considering products that have earned the Clean at Sephora seal have been doing so well, it makes sense for Sephora Collection to start pushing their own clean skincare products, too. And while the packaging appeals to me most because of the aesthetically pleasing colorway, the real best part is the way it allows the active ingredients to be front and center. Each product in the new range has a little colored box with letters or numbers symbolizing the product's powerhouse ingredient, so shoppers looking for specific results will know right away what will work for them.

Exhibit A: The GLY on the Glow Peel Pads ($15, packaging is representative of glycolic acid:

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, so it acts as a chemical exfoliant, which can help refine skin texture, even tone, and brighten. These pre-soaked pads allow users to exfoliate with ease, and with aloe vera to soothe and marine algae peptides to tighten, the formula gives pricier versions a run for their money. At just $15 for 60 pads, these babies will give you glowing skin for quite some time.

Next up, note the HYA on the All Day Hydrator - Hydrate & Glow ($16,, which stands for hyaluronic acid:

This cream moisturizer is loaded with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid to ensure skin never feels dehydrated, whether you're applying it during a hot, humid summer day or a biting, windy winter night. All skin types can benefit from hyaluronic acid — who doesn't need a little moisture?

See the AMA on the Clean Skin Gel - Cleanse & Tone ($10, tube? That stands for amino acids:

Amino acids can be incredibly nourishing, so they're great for cleansing to ensure nothing good is stripped away from the skin while removing makeup and impurities. Beetroot syrup is an amino acid derived from plants that keeps skin hydrated, so if you need a face wash that's gentle yet effective and moisturizing, the Clean Skin Gel is a great option.

Of course, there are some new masks in the lineup. The new Purifying Mud Mask: Clear & Mattify ($15, has a ZN symbol, representative of zinc:

Zinc is a well-known for being excellent at skin purification, and paired with mattifying white clay, the duo is an ideal mix for acne-prone, oily, or combo skin types.

Not into a matte finish? The Ultra Glow Serum: Glow + Strengthen Vitamin C Serum ($20, features a C+E, to represent two fantastic vitamins within the formula:

Who doesn't love to glow, right? And while I'm all for going hard with some highlighter, a glow from within can be even better and brighter. Vitamin C is the ultimate player in restoring skin's natural radiance, while vitamin E ensures skin is moisturized for a plump, replenished finish.

Like how that sounds? Note the 3.0 on the Nourishing Moisturizer - Hydrate & Repair ($16,, which represents three luxe oils:

Ugh. Seriously, is there anything more rejuvenating than the right blend of oils? This moisturizer features nourishing avocado oil, reparative marula oil, and softening rose hip seed oil, so you can ditch the lengthy skincare routine and apply all the goodness via one cream.

BTW, you can even try out a few of these products in a set, courtesy of The Essentials Kit ($20,

This kit contains a Clean Skin Gel, a Purifying Mud Mask, and an All-Day Hydrator, so you can wash your face, mattify as you mask, and ensure skin is well-moisturized after the fact. Sephora Collection have really thought of everything, haven't they? If you want to try out these products and their powerhouse ingredients, you can shop the above and more on the Sephora site and in stores now.