Here's What's In Burger King's Impossible Whopper, If You're Looking For A Meatless Treat

Courtesy Of Burger King

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, somewhat inclined to participate in Meatless Mondays, or if you're simply a little curious, the meat-free Impossible Whopper at Burger King has most likely caught your attention at some point or another. It totally changes the game if meat isn't your thing or if you want to try something new. However, skeptics are wondering what's in the Impossible Whopper, and luckily, I got the inside scoop on the exact ingredients. To be completely honest, it sounds really tasty, and super similar to the OG sandwich.

If you haven't gotten to try the Impossible Whopper yet, one might say it's super similar to the chain's original Whopper... that is, without the beef patty, obviously. The meatless patty is made from plants, according to the brand. The main ingredients are soy and potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme, a molecule that makes it taste like, well, the meat you've come to know and love. It's flame-grilled (just like the OG Whopper!), according to a press release, and it's put together just like the classic sandwich. After removing the patty from the grill, it's carefully topped with fresh, thinly sliced tomato, a handful of lettuce, creamy mayo, tangy ketchup, juicy pickles, and — of course — sliced onions. All of that is cushioned between two lightly-toasted sesame seed buns, and if that doesn't sound absolutely delightful, I don't know what would. I, for one, am on the verge of drooling RN.

Courtesy Of Burger King

Ooh, she almost looks too good.

Don't get too excited to try BK's latest and greatest creation, though — the Impossible Whopper isn't available at all Burger King locations just yet. In fact, you can only order one of these at one of the 59 restaurant locations offering it in and around the St. Louis area. So, unless you're landlocked in the good ole' Midwest, you're probably SOL.

Luckily for veggie burger enthusiasts and Meatless Monday participants, however, the Impossible Whopper test run has gone "exceedingly well," according to an email from Burger King. In fact, per the fast food chain, they now have plans to extend the Impossible Whopper to more markets "in the very near future." They didn't provide additional specifics, but hopefully this means the Impossible Whopper will soon be New York City-bound. My fingers and toes are crossed, y'all.

Burger King initially debuted their Impossible Whopper with a hilarious taste test video about a month ago on April Fool's Day. The chain rounded up a number of super loyal customers, who initially assumed they were biting into their beloved Whopper sandwich. However, after unknowingly raving over the plant-based version of their favorite sandwich, they found out it wasn't meat. Their reactions were recorded and they're seriously hilarious. It was one of the greatest April Fools Day pranks I've seen to-date.

Regardless if you're veg or if you simply prefer a meatless option from time to time, you have to admit that BK's Impossible Whopper sounds positively dope. With a flame-grilled patty and all the necessary fixings, you really can't go wrong with one of these babies. Alas, I might have to buy a St. Louis-bound plane ticket. I need to try one ASAP.