Burger King Introduced A Vegetarian Whopper On April Fools' Day, But This Is No Joke

Courtesy Of Burger King

I know several dedicated meat eaters who would never touch a veggie burger (Dad — I'm looking at you). And many of these devoted carnivores would probably be surprised (and maybe even disappointed) to hear Burger King is now offering the meatless Impossible Burger. It actually sounds incredible, though, and Burger King's Impossible Whopper debut shows it might taste just like the real thing. The brand's "Impossible taste test" was definitely an April Fools' Day joke for the books.

Burger King's "Impossible Taste Test" video shows a number of loyal guests thinking they're biting into a classic Whopper. One of the customers claimed he eats two Whoppers every week, while a number of them relentlessly attest to their undying love for beef. Honestly, the dedication is too real, and the likelihood of them choosing to go veg' — even for one Burger King meal — is slim to none.

And while these customers think they're eating the real Whopper that they've come to know and love, the patty they're given to eat in the video isn't actually made with beef. They're unknowingly eating the new plant-based Impossible Whopper, and based on the contestants' responses, each and every one of them were completely fooled. Their "are you kidding me?" reactions are seriously priceless, so if you haven't already watched the video for yourself, check it out below. It's honestly kind of shocking.

Wow, OK. As a longtime vegetarian, I haven't had a burger in about eight years. So it should come as no surprise that the highly realistic Impossible patty has definitely fooled me into thinking I was accidentally eating beef on numerous occasions. But seeing as these dedicated carnivorous burger enthusiasts were fooled, it looks like this new meatless patty definitely tastes like the real thing. And if you're in or around the St. Louis area, you're in luck — you might be able to try one for yourself.

You're probably getting excited to try the Impossible Whopper, and if that is — in fact — the case, hold your horses. Sadly, it's only in its test phase right now. According to the press release, the Impossible Whopper is currently being offered at 59 participating BK locations in and around St. Louis, Missouri as of April 1. It's made with a flame-grilled meatless patty which is topped slices of tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, white onions, which are sandwiched between a toasted sesame seed bun. From a completely unbiased standpoint from a vegetarian, it sounds a lot like the real thing. And TBH, if I weren't living almost halfway across the country, I would totally get one for myself right now.

While you're waiting to try an Impossible Whopper for yourself, check out these recipes to make your own delicious veggie burgers. I could seriously go for one of these right now, and hopefully, they'll manage to fill the void while I wait for the Impossible Whopper to become available nationwide. Once those babies make it to New York City, though, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be crowned Brooklyn's Burger Kween.