Hot Topic's 'Toy Story' Collection Serves Nostalgic Childhood Realness With Cute Tees, Dresses, & More

Hot Topic

Another day, another nostalgic style collab that hits me right in the feels. And this time around, the retailer in question serves as an added dose of nostalgia, as Teen Me used to beg my mom to drive me to the mall so I could shop there once a week. What's in Hot Topic's Toy Story Collection, you ask? Whether you're a Buzz Lightyear or a Bo Peep, there's something for everyone to love.

Seriously, though, collabs celebrating the iconic movies of my childhood are everywhere RN, and I couldn't be more here for it. Bring on The Lion King-inspired makeup! Yes to Disney Princess swimsuits! And now, just days after I convinced myself I didn't need to splurge on the Adidas x Toy Story 4 sneaker collection, Hot Topic is here with a Toy Story drop I didn't see coming. She's affordable, she's size-inclusive, and she's absolutely the reason I won't have enough money to pay rent this month, because I want every single piece in the collection. These are the sacrifices I make for cute Pixar movie-themed clothes, people!

Starting with the Red Collared Plus Size Dress ($35, originally $50,, of course:

This baby comes in plus sizes 1-5, and is speckled with a pattern of Toy Story logos, Woody heads, and Buzz Lightyear heads. Cute! Catch me wearing this to the film's premiere, and on an everyday basis after that.

If you want something a little moe classic, the Logo Girls Athletic T-Shirt ($12, originally $23, might be more your speed:

This comfy white tee features the Toy Story logo across the chest and two red and blue stripes on each sleeve for a ~sporty~ touch. So easy paired with jeans — and cowboy boots, if you're trying to channel Woody vibes. This tee runs from XS to 3X.

Want a statement piece? Say hello to the Buzz Lightyear Cosplay Sneakers ($28, originally $40,

Okay, these would've made me the coolest kid in gym class back in the day. I high-key want them! These sneakers feature Buzz's signature colorn palette of lime green, bold purple, and space white, contrasted by red, blue, and yellow grommets for that classic Toy Story touch.

One of the most unique pieces in the collection has to be the Sid's Chop Shop T-Shirt ($13, originally $25,

Be honest — were you a Sid stan, or were you terrified of him? I couldn't get his abused babydoll toy out of my brain for weeks after the first time I watched the original Toy Story as a kid, but now, the image is less scary and more hysterical, as it reminds me of how terrified Baby Me was. This tee is also a great conversation-starter for anyone cool enough to get the reference.

Me, gazing at every piece in this collection, wanting them all:

If you want to get in on the action, you can shop Hot Topic's Toy Story collection live on their website right now.