ColourPop's New Yellow Collection Features The Sunshine-Inspired Palette Of My Dreams

Courtesy of ColourPop

A wise Coldplay lyric once declared, "And it was all yellow," and so it was. And by "it," I mean ColourPop's latest drop, which features the sunny hue on full blast. What's in ColourPop's Yellow Collection, you might ask? I wouldn't have imagined one shade could inspire so many great products, but the lineup looks oh so bight and fun, and I can't wait to give my summer glam a warm, welcome update.

I've always considered gold to be the most go-to, safe-bet option of all lid colors, and although the shimmery shade is basically a version of yellow, I was definitely not interested in using any sort of banana-esque tones on my eyes until earlier this year. It was a Kylie Jenner selfie that featured eye makeup with neon yellow inner corners that first made me second-guess my hard dismissal of the color, and since then, I've seen a myriad of Instagram gurus and beauty industry friends give a sunshine eye look a whirl. Still, any time I tried to nail the yellow makeup trend, I never felt like I had the perfect yellow shadow to create that statement look. I had dozens of shimmery golds, and a few mustards in my neutral palettes, but it wasn't until I laid eyes on ColourPop's latest drop that I felt I'd found the right yellows for me.

Behold, the Yellow Collection. Inspired by, well, yellow:

Cute! ColourPop, if you're reading this, I'm going to need a full collection for each and every shade in ROY G. BIV! Bring on the Blue Collection, The Red Collection, et cetera. For now, though, the Yellow Collection will do just fine to hold me over —especially that palette. Yum.

The Uh Huh Honey Shadow Palette ($12, is as pretty as it gets, TBH:

Courtesy of ColourPop

You can use it for a full-on lightning yellow moment:

Or copy that perfect yellow inner corner I loved on Kylie Jenner:

Not enough yellow shadow for you? Fine, fine. There's also the Pocket Full Loose Pigment Duo ($12,

Courtesy of ColourPop

Like "pocket full of sunshine," get it? I do, and I think it's adorable. The set includes shades "The Lion," a true gold, and "Fool 4 U," a yellow with silver flecks. Gorg.

Of course, you can apply the palette and the pigments with the Catch Some Sun Brush Set ($20,, which includes six eyeshadow brushes in all different shapes:

Finally, the collection rounds out with an addition from Fourth Ray, ColourPop's sister skincare brand. Meet the Here We Glow Again Face Bundle ($24,

Courtesy of ColourPop

I love that ColourPop is using Fourth Ray to throw some skincare into these mini makeup collections! In addition to a ColourPop Squeeze The Day lip scrub, this trio includes the Glow Up Face Oil, with maracuja, prickly pear, jojoba, vitamin c, and the Turmeric Face Milk, with turmeric, almond milk, camu camu, and licorice. Personally, I love what turmeric does for my complexion in terms of brightening and calming inflammation, so this is a must-have for me.

BTW, you can buy the entire collection in the Full of Sunshine Set ($59,, which is a $68 dollar value:

Ready to glow like the sun? You can shop this new collection live on the ColourPop website right now.