Add A Dash Of This Spice To Your Meals If You Want To Steer Clear Of Breakouts

Turmeric is the spice to stock up on these days, and seemingly for good reason. The very colorful and antioxidant-rich ingredient is believed to be an anti-inflammatory agent and, as a result, is often used as a treatment for things like joint pain, and, rumor has it, turmeric is also good for acne. Now, personally, I recently started taking a turmeric supplement and using the spice in my skincare products, and let me tell you, I've noticed a pretty big difference in my skin and the appearance of blemishes and irritation that typically plagues my poor cheeks.

And, as another added bonus — which might also have something to do with turmeric's potential anti-inflammatory benefits — I decided to try a nice, spicy, turmeric-filled golden milk latte the other day, and it actually seemed to heal the sore throat I was battling quicker than pretty much anything else.

So, can all of these things be chalked up to coincidence? Perhaps, but using turmeric for medicinal purposes is no new trend. And as far as acne is concerned, people who deal with pimples on the reg — like yours truly — apparently have lower levels of antioxidants and higher levels of inflammation in the body than those who don't. Studies also show that curcumin, one of the key ingredients in turmeric responsible for all the spice's health benefits, is very effective in treating bacteria that causes acne.

While some of the claims about turmeric's benefits are simply anecdotal, and some studies show conflicting evidence as to its effectiveness on the variety of ailments it purports to help, if you're like me and willing to try anything to get your skin feeling healthy and smooth, check in with your doctor or dermatologist to see if this might be a nice addition to your self-care regimen. And, lucky for us, there are oh so many ways to enjoy this healthy spice. Here are a few for you to try out.

Take It In A Capsule
Zea Skin Solutions

Zea Skin Solutions Clear Care Supplement, $74.99, GNC

Some research suggests that a potentially effective treatment against acne is to take antioxidant-rich supplements, and the curcumin compound in turmeric does, indeed, have antioxidant properties.

Now, this Zea Skin Solutions supplement above contains a whole host of ingredients, turmeric being just one of them, but it's personally been doing wonders for me and my skin.

Mix It In Your Smoothie

Daily Turmeric Booster Powder, $23.73, Jet

The yellow powder and slightly spicy bite can intimidate, but if you put a little scoop of the stuff in your smoothie or morning shake, trust me, you'll never know it's there. This powder claims to aid in your whole body's anti-inflammatory responses (which have to do with things like joint pain), so clear skin probably won't be the only positive side effect you'll notice.

As New York City-based dermatologist Rachel Nazarian told Allure, turmeric may also help reduce collagen breakdown when you take it orally. And what is collagen, you may ask? Put simply, it's one of the main structural proteins in your skin — how about two scoops of this turmeric powder stuff then, amirite?

A little side note here: Turmeric will definitely add a bit of an extra boost of color to whatever you mix it into. It's a lovely dark yellow-orange, but yes, it can stain, so that's something to keep in mind. But hey, yellow fingers will totally be worth it on the long journey that is a battle with acne, no?

Put It Directly On Your Face
Tumerica Now

Tumerica Natural Cleansing Oil, $9.99, Tumerica Now

The topical use of turmeric also seems to be quite effective in battling those pimply little friends, since the products are also believed to have those same antibacterial qualities when turmeric is part of the equation.

I've been using the above cleansing oil for a few weeks now, and while it may be an oil, I've found it really doesn't leave any kind of slick residue, my skin feels super clean, and I've definitely noticed less irritation when I wake up in the morning.

Enjoy It In A Cup Of Tea
Capital Teas

Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea, $9.95, Capital Teas

Another interesting tidbit about turmeric is that it's often used as a treatment or supplement for people living with diabetes, as the spice is thought to help reduce spikes of glucose and insulin in the blood. Spikes of insulin (or diets heavy in sugar, for example) are thought to have a correlation with acne, so anything that might help metabolize insulin could have quite the positive effect on acne.

Why not work in a cup of hot turmeric tea into your bedtime routine? Sounds like a perfect way to wind down for the night, if you ask me.

Use A Mask To Soak Up The Benefits

Kiehl's Since 1851 Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, $39, Nordstrom

Another way to use turmeric topically is to get yourself a nice, nourishing face mask. Lather the product on, put on a few episodes of Riverdale, and let this stuff work its magic while you relax.