A group of villagers hangs out at a campsite at night in 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.'
Here's What Villager From 'Animal Crossing' You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The villagers in Animal Crossing can really make or break your gameplay. Some days, you wake up to cranky villagers moving into your island, and may think to yourself, "Ugh, why me?" Other days, you may be surprised by Beau or Goldie chilling at your door with a plate of cupcakes and kind smiles. It's hard to know which scenario you may face and you can't help but wonder what villager from Animal Crossing you are.

TBH, what villager you are most like is based on your zodiac sign, which can tell the universe everything it needs to know about your personality, likes and dislikes, and boldest qualities. The constellations your birthday aligns with can help you realize why you feel more compatible with lazy villagers as opposed to the snooty ones, or why you get so annoyed at the sporty villagers for hanging out on your island longer than you'd like them to. The best part? This applies to both versions of Animal CrossingPocket Camp, where you eat fortune cookies and pick up fruit at Lost Lure Creek, and New Horizons, where you find glowing holes around an island and hang at Dodo Airlines.

Without further ado, let's find out if you're more like Tia or Eloise, and if you're truly compatible with the villager you adore the most. It's written in the stars (and below), so you never have to wonder again.

Aries: Apollo
Marisa Casciano/Nintendo

If you're an Aries, your friends may call you the "leader" of your group, and look to you when they need advice or want to make some plans. For that reason, you're the friendly, yet bold, eagle known as Apollo. Like you, he doesn't care what other people think of him, and will speak his mind especially if it's in everyone's best interest.

Taurus: Vesta

Oh, Taurus. You're the shoulder everyone in your friend group comes to cry on. They know you'll willingly help them with any problem they're facing, no matter how long it takes. Vesta the sheep is the same way — patient and loving as ever. When she isn't helping others, she's gardening, singing, or hoping to try on new clothes.

Gemini: Julia

Do you often find yourself asking questions out of curiousity? Do you try on a million outfits before deciding on one, just to go to the grocery store? Julia the ostrich knows that struggle well, and always wants to put her best foot forward. She may come across a little snooty, because she wants everything to be perfect. But, that will never stop her from striking up a nice conversation.

Cancer: Lily

Being a Cancer means you'd always rather have a deep convo with a friend as opposed to making small talk with a stranger. In your spare time, you'd rather chill at the beach or daydream in a hammock in your backyard. Lily is basically the same way — friendly, and she loves letting her mind and emotions wander. You should hang out with her on your island more.

Leo: Rosie
Marisa Casciano/Nintendo

There's no villager as adorable and peppy as Rosie. She loves to be the center of attention, too, which is why she may ask to put on fashion shows for you, or befriend other villagers who have moved in recently. Like you, Leo, she loves living life to its fullest. Treat her to a colorful outfit, OK?

Virgo: Goldie

Everybody loves Goldie, right? This dog is so sweet and down to Earth, it's hard not to be attracted to her good vibes. You're always giving off the same aura, and your friends know you've found the perfect balance between hard work and fun. Truth be told, they look up to you and your ability to be a naturally welcoming presence in any room.

Libra: Beau
Marisa Casciano/Nintendo

Libra, you just want everyone to get along. You're not a fan of the drama, simply because it feels below you and your mission to live a peaceful life. Enter, Beau. He's just as mature and kind-hearted, and always want to chill with good snack in his "happy places."

Scorpio: Filbert

Filbert must be a Scorpio, because he wins over the hearts of every Animal Crossing player. He is passionate with his thoughts and emotions, and isn't afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right. That's sometimes hard to come by.

Sagittarius: Ketchup

Ketchup isn't afriad to have some fun, especially when there are new memories on the line. She'll jump right into a sweet excursion with her best buds, but also enjoys being the most hilarious, unique, and imaginative villager in a group. Her pep is very similar to yours, Sagittarius, so take some notes if she arrives in your game.

Capricorn: Fang

Fang is considered a "modern" villager, but it's hard to see that side of him because he's often secretive about his love for bold and sparkly items. He won't be one to straight-up ask for new clothes or shiny television sets, but appreciates when you do craft those items for him. Like you, he likes to come across as responsible and down to Earth, but doesn't mind stepping into the spotlight here and there.

Aquarius: Jay
Marisa Casciano/Nintendo

Jay has the heart of a daredevil, and is known for having his eye constantly on the prize. Some would call him a go-getter who doesn't mind breaking from the pack to follow his big dreams. The fight and energy is strong in both of you, Aquarius.

Pisces: Cube

If it was up to you, you'd chill all day in bed and listen to your favorite playlists on Spotify. You'd turn off your phone and let yourself explore your artsy and imaginative side. Cube gets it, and is often known to be in his own little word.