Two friends grill together on an island in 'Animal Crossing.'
8 Fun Things You Can Do On Your 'Animal Crossing' Island With Your Bestie

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When Animal Crossing: New Horizons first came out, you were probably jumping around your apartment with joy. The video game featuring tons of adorable animals you can befriend was highly anticipated. Now that you've hung out with your favorite villagers and are a total pro at selling turnips, you're in need of some things to do on your Animal Crossing island with a BFF.

As much as you may love Beau, Goldie, or K.K. Slider, you adore chilling with your real-life besties in your virtual world the most. Showing them around your harmonious garden or your strip of shops gives you a sense of pride and joy. You'll occasionally hop on a plane courtesy of Orville at Dodo Airlines, to visit their islands, too, and see what they've been up to over the past few days. Together, you may run around with your nets to catch butterflies or collect bells that are sneakily hiding in the trees.

But, if we're being honest, your Animal Crossing bucket list could use a few new additions. Enter, these eight things to do in the game with one of your BFFs. Try them out the next time you're playing with a friend to spice up your gameplay and collect some good vibes in your inventory.

Give An Island Tour
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First up, give your BFF a tour of your island. This will take some time, especially if you have a lot of stores, garden patches, and other amenities. But it'll be worth it because then they'll know where everything is, like your cottage and the beach. This rad excursion will also give your friend a chance to see your place and make some interior design suggestions.

Have A Colorful Photo Shoot

If you have a closet packed with different hair colors, hats, and heart-shaped sunglasses, then you'll want to do something you may normally do in real-life: have a colorful photo shoot. Pose next to the blooming gardens on your island or in front of the mirrors in your cottage. Then, hit the screenshot button and share your creations on social media.

Trade Your Unwanted Goods

Your inventory might be jam-packed with goods you don't really want anymore. For instance, you may have way too many peaches and a few golden nuggets laying around. It's about time that you gift them to your BFF who can use them for strength to carry the trees on their own island. So, host a trade during your hangout with your bestie in Animal Crossing, and see what you can get or take off your hands.

Host An Olympic-Style Competition

Are you a master at pole vaulting over rivers? Did you figure out how to run really fast in Animal Crossing? Compete with your bestie in an Olympic-style competition then. Host a day where you kick rocks for resources, fish for rare finds, and go on the hunt for cherries. Declare a winner at the end.

Play 'Hide And Go Seek'
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Your island has a lot of nooks and crannies where you and your BFF could hide. So, play a lively game of "Hide and Go Seek" in your spare time. Have one player count to 10, while the other runs to the beach or tucks its character behind the counter of a shop. Give each other hints in the group chat if you'd like.

Go On A Shopping Spree

Players who have been religiously playing Animal Crossing for a few months now likely have tons of shops on their island. They may also know the Able Sisters and Nook's Cranny rotate their merchandise frequently to keep things fresh. Go check out the items that are for sale today, with your BFF by your side.

Walk On The Beach

A walk on the beach is just as pleasant in a virtual world as it is in real life. Find this out for yourself by strolling on the shore, with your BFF, of course. Pick up shells as you go and sit in the sand. Maybe even eat some fruit together while you chill out by the ocean.

Catch Up By The Campfire

Last but not least, any players who have a campfire set-up on their island will want to host a cute get-together. During this get-together, you can catch up with your best friend and talk over the chat feature within the game. You can chat about the other virtual hangouts you've had, or what you're planning on doing for your birthday. The topic of discussion is really up to you and your Animal Crossing-loving best friend.

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