This Is Why People Are Calling The Partial Lunar Eclipse A "Thunder Moon"

I don't know about you, but the thought of a Thunder Moon sounds totally apocalyptic to me. Is Zeus going to part the clouds and shoot lightning through the sky? Is the universe going to rumble, shout, and send everyone running for cover? Well, to be quite honest, I probably think of every full moon in such a way, because it's common knowledge that things tend to get a little out of control during this phase of the lunar cycle. So what is a Thunder Moon, anyway, and does this mean the world is coming to an end?

Well, unfortunately for all the eccentrics out there, you've experienced countless Thunder Moons and you've survived each and every one of them. However, that doesn't mean surviving it was ever easy. In astrology, the full moon is a moment of culmination, revelation, and volatility, which can make it a highly emotional time. The dark and gritty truth tends to float to the surface during a full moon and you can't avoid your problems. So, despite how intense and terrifying the name "Thunder Moon" sounds, it doesn't mean the world is about to be set on fire.

But, wait. Did I forget to mention this full moon will also be a partial lunar eclipse? According to astrology and ancient lore, eclipses are the harbinger of major change. If you were looking for drama, you'll certainly find it when the Thunder Moon takes place on July 16 at 5:38 p.m. ET.

What Is The Meaning Of The Thunder Moon?

So where did the July full moon get this mysterious and deadly name? Well, according to Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans named each full moon out of the year after imagery corresponding with the current season. Instead of using the 365-day calendar commonly used to track time today, they abided by the lunar cycle to mark the passing of time, as reported by The Thunder Moon was really just another way of saying it's time prepare for the lightning and rainstorms so prevalent during the month of July.

Of course, Thunder Moon is not the only name for the full moon of July. As mentioned by Farmer's Almanac, it's also known as the Buck Moon, because this is when their antlers have reached their peak size. It's also called Ripe Corn Moon, Middle Of Summer Moon, and more.

What Does It Mean When It's Also A Partial Lunar Eclipse?

Have you heard the July full moon will also double as a lunar eclipse in Capricorn? This means you're experiencing a deep and transformative shift likely to rock your world. This lunar eclipse is completing the story that began with the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2. Because these eclipses take place on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, it has the power to address issues related to the patriarchy, family, comfort, femininity, public life, and your career. In astrology, Cancer represents motherhood and Capricorn represents fatherhood. Expect these themes to become very prevalent in the coming weeks.

The reason that eclipses tend to create such dramatic and pivotal change is because they connect with the lunar nodes. The North Node is your destiny and your soul's calling, while the South Node is your past and everything that's holding you back. Since the South Node is also currently in Capricorn, this lunar eclipse will highlight whatever has been inhibiting your growth. Like it or not, the universe is giving you the push you need in order to become the person you were always meant to become.