Your July 2019 Horoscope Is Here & So Is Eclipse Season

by Valerie Mesa

Cancer season is for nurturing yourself, spending time with your loved ones, and doing what makes you feel emotionally secure. And while the majority of us tend to look forward to making ourselves comfortable during the cozy season of the crab, your July 2019 horoscope could not be further out of your comfort zone. I'm not saying you should start the month of July in fear, but I am giving you a glimpse into the madness that could stem from this powerful eclipse season, especially since there will be six planets retrograde.

On July 1, go-getter Mars enters cinematic Leo, and given Mars' red-hot passion, the warrior planet will naturally thrive when traveling through the rambunctious fire signs. But despite Mars in Leo's lion-like courage and innate charisma, there's no escaping the nodes of the moon, and in this particular case, the essence of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. On July 2, there will be a new moon total solar eclipse in the sign of domestic Cancer. This will inevitably shake up your emotional and foundational well-being, but don't worry — this is something you've been building toward since last summer.

Sultry Venus will join the sun in sensitive Cancer on July 3, and this emotionally empathetic energy flow will naturally reflect onto your relationships, spending habits, and values. And with curious Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo shortly after, it will eventually reach Cancer's watery territory for a second round. On July 8, Chiron will also station retrograde in warrior-like Aries, just days before what could seem like a cathartic full moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. The sun enters its home sign Leo on July 22, where charming Venus will make her cinematic debut on July 27, before the new moon in the same sign on July 31.

Mercury the messenger goes direct on July 31, so at least there's something to look forward to, right? Right.

Here's what July has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You're Finally Starting To Live Your Truth

Chiron will station retrograde in your sign this month, and you'll probably be revisiting the things that have made you feel vulnerable in the past. But with your ruling planet Mars dancing through your fifth house of creativity, romance, and individual truth this month, you'll likely be feeling as expressive as ever, and perhaps even start a passionate love affair. More importantly, you'll also experience powerful new beginnings in regard to your emotional foundation, family dynamic, career path, and general sense of authority.

Taurus: Your Perspective On Life Is Totally Changing

Your darling ruling planet Venus slides into sensitive domestic Cancer and your chatty third house of communication this month, so feel free to express yourself, especially when related to your emotional world. With Chiron retrograde via your secretive 12th house of closure and karma it's safe to say you might have a few things you'd like to get off your chest. This is a shedding season for you, Taurus. More importantly, the eclipses will bring a shift to your immediate environment, personal philosophy, and general perspective.

Gemini: Your Security And Resources Are Top Of Mind

Bad news first? Your ruling planet will station retrograde this month, but this isn't your first rodeo, Gemini. In fact, you've got bigger fish to fry, especially with Chiron retrograde in Aries via your 11th house of friendships and extended network. Whether you feel like you've outgrown your work friends or that you haven't been surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, chances are, you'll be gaining some much-needed clarity during this time. You'll also experience powerful new beginnings in regard to your financial security, shared resources, and intimate unions.

Cancer: You're Starting A Brand New Era

Cheers to another trip around the sun, Cancer. Aside from being your solar revolution, the eclipses via your astrological axis this month will help you break through the emotional barriers holding you back from living your best life. So expect a shift in regard to your inner world, personal identity, and the impact you make on others. Like it or not, the spotlight's on you. Besides, with Chiron retrograde via your ambitious tenth house of career and legacy in the world, you're finally taking the lead in your professional life, despite how much you despise taking charge. With luscious Venus in your sign until the end of the month, charming is an understatement.

Leo: You're Healing Karma That Affects Your Daily Life

Guess what, Leo? Assertive Mars slides into your sign this month, and you'll have all the energy in the world to get things done. After all, you're in the midst of a powerful rebirth. Chiron retrograde is here to help you consider the bigger picture, and perhaps even gift you with the necessary courage to take a much-needed leap of faith. So whether you're considering the idea of going back to school, or perhaps think it's time to venture elsewhere, ask and you shall receive. More importantly, the eclipses will bring powerful new beginnings to your unconscious mind, day-to-day routine, and perspective of self-care.

Virgo: Your Psyche Is Deeply Evolving

Your ruling planet will station retrograde via your 12th house of secrets this month, but I guarantee this will be the least of your worries. Chiron will also station retrograde via your eighth house of sex, transformation, and shared resources, but this will be better than you think. Ask yourself: What are you afraid of, Virgo? Is it your pride? The thought of being vulnerable with your SO? Whatever the case may be, the wise Chiron is here to help you break free, regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel to surrender. More importantly, the eclipses will bring powerful new beginnings to your individual truth and sense of belonging in the world. Let go, and remember the universe is working in your favor.

Libra: You're Focusing On Your Personal Mission

The only way to go is up, Libra, and with your ruling planet Venus sashaying through your career sector this month, there's no doubt you'll be feeling on top of the world. However, with the eclipses shaking up both your professional life and emotional foundation, you could also be feeling a tug of war between your personal needs and the way you want to be perceived by the rest of the world. But balance is everything, right? Chiron is also stationing retrograde via your seventh house of partnerships, and this will bring you some much-needed courage, especially within your committed relationships. It's time to stand up for yourself.

Scorpio: You're Expanding Your Horizons In Every Way

What do you see when you look towards the horizon, Scorpio? The possibilities are endless, and with the eclipses shaking up both your immediate environment and your personal philosophy, it's safe to say you're on a whole new level, mentally and spiritually speaking. But be warned: Mercury will retrograde via your relationship sector this month, so be mindful of how and what you communicate in the workplace. On a brighter note, however, this is a great time to revisit creative projects and work ventures you've been putting aside. Chiron retrograde is here to help you get your ducks in a row and even start a heathy routine. You are evolving beautifully, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: You're Getting Closer And Closer

You can't give up now, Sagittarius. Besides, with your ruling planet Jupiter taking its sweet time blessing your sign since November, you've been gifted with a number of opportunities left and right. The eclipses have been shifting your sense of security and intimate relationships, but there's more on the horizon. Looking for love? Luscious Venus will pirouette through Cancer and your sultry eighth house of sex this month, and you might even start a secret relationship of sorts. Either way, your sex appeal will be through the roof, so bask in this Venusian elixir. Chiron retrograde will help you tap into your creative muse, despite your own fears and insecurities.

Capricorn: You're Focusing On Your Relationships

Who are you and what have you done with Capricorn? It's no secret you're not the same person you were last year, and this eclipse season is here to remind you of exactly that. So all things related to your personal identity, committed partnerships, and previously set structures are in the midst of intense transformation, but what else is new? At least you'll be getting some much-needed clarity this month, and with charming Venus dazzling your partnership zone, you might even run into a charming connection in the process. Chiron retrograde will help you get things settled in the home front, so don't disregard whatever comes up during this time because you've still got work to do, Capricorn.

Aquarius: Your Mind, Body, And Soul Are Priority

Are your mind, body, and spirit aligned, Aquarius? Have you been taking care of yourself? You can't always get what you want, but with the eclipses shaking up your secretive 12th house of karma and your practical sixth house of daily due diligence, you might finally start living your truth, whether you like it or not. Although you may not be big on expressing yourself emotionally, you can't keep repressing your feels forever. Venus will shake her tail feather via your healthy sixth house this month, so you might be greeted with a charming energy flow in your day-to-day environment. You deserve to be happy.

Pisces: You're Celebrating Your Wins

What's not to love, Pisces? You're one of the most unique in the zodiac, and Cancer season just so happens to be one of your best. With the sun, Venus, and the eclipses shaking up your expressive fifth house of art, romance, and joy, you'll take this month by storm, given your affinity for all things creative. It's time you start hogging the spotlight, despite your usual doubts and insecurities. It's your turn to shine, and the cosmos are on your side. Don't be afraid to tap into your inner child, Pisces.