The Political Issue You Care About Most, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Make no mistake, our world is in the middle of some strange times. With former reality TV star Donald Trump as president, impending nuclear Twitter war with Kim Jong-un, and Roe v. Wade under more threat to crumble than ever before, it feels like there’s nothing the news can broadcast that will even shock us anymore. You’d think that with all the drama politicians keep causing, everyone would be desensitized by now and numb to the news, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With such a broad spectrum of issues constantly up for debate in America, it’s fascinating to see what types of personalities are drawn to which causes, which is why there's no better time to delve into what each zodiac sign cares about most when it comes to politics. So strap in, because your birth chart has a lot of influence over what pulls at your heart strings.

Of course, each individual cares about a range of issues, and no sign is bound by just one cause. If there are certain issues you hold close to your heart that aren’t listed here, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important. On the contrary, each sign contains a multitude of power that stretches them across many avenues of thought. You might even think politics and the zodiac don't mix, or that politics are too serious to be interpreted by your birth chart. However, when you think about how our zodiac sign fuels our character, informs our perspective, and remains largely responsible for the mark we our make on the world, a connection between the two doesn’t seem so crazy. Remember, there’s never anything too embarrassing or strange for the zodiac to tackle.

Read on to find out exactly what is likely to be most important to you, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: The Right To Protest

Your impulse is always to speak up, Aries. Not later, not eventually, not when things get worse: NOW. Getting up and actually doing something about all the injustices that oppressive entities are committing will always be central to your character. It angers you to no end when righteous protests are ignored, dismissed, or downright misunderstood.

Taurus: Environmental Protection

You experience the world with all five senses, Taurus, making you spiritually connected to the pain that the Earth and her creatures are feeling. The thought of oil ruining sacred land, polar bears nearing extinction due to global warming, and the ocean filling up with plastic makes you weep. You love Earth so much, you'd sacrifice yourself to save her.

Gemini: The Suppression Of Minority Voices

Being able to speak your mind is of the utmost importance to you, Gemini. When underrepresented voices are silenced or interrupted by more privileged ones, you're the first one seething with anger. You believe everyone has the right to be heard, and to have a platform where they can express their perspectives. You also consider it a severe injustice when their words aren't taken seriously.

Cancer: Sanctuary And Political Asylum

Cancer, you are the heart and soul of the home. This is why the thought of people escaping a dangerous place, only to be turned away by the country they are seeking refuge from, breaks you to pieces. You don't see yourself as more important than anyone else and you understand that you're lucky to live in safe place. You want to help others who don't have that luxury.

Leo: Equal Distribution Of Wealth

You always want to level up in society, Leo, but you're also generous by nature, which is why the thought of a small group of elite 1 percenters hoarding all the wealth the populace produces makes you feel enraged. You agree with Franklin D. Roosevelt's sentiment, "True individual freedom cannot exist without reasonable access to economic security and independence." You think it's heartless to erect barriers that hold lower classes back.

Virgo: Access To Health Care

You're all about self-care and protecting your body, Virgo. If someone is denied proper health care because they can't afford it, because they're transgender, because they're mentally ill, or because of a pre-existing condition, it's you who is furious. Medical science is advancing every day and yet, it seems like it's only reserved for the privileged. You believe in a more compassionate society.

Libra: Political Corruption

Libra, you're all about fairness, balance, and ethics, which is why corruption in the political realm makes you sick to your stomach. The thought of voter suppression, collusion, exploitation, slander, bribery, and any form of dirty politics that derails our democracy is beyond unforgivable. If corruption is not only allowed but encouraged, you know our society will never progress.

Scorpio: Justice For Victims Of Racism And Sexual Assault

Revenge is your greatest specialty, Scorpio, which is why the thought of innocent people being hurt and then denied their ability to receive justice by a system that oppresses their rights, absolutely breaks your heart. You will speak up for victims and do your best to right what has been wronged. You agree with Gandhi, in being "the change you wish to see in the world."

Sagittarius: The Right To An Education

Sagittarius, you're always trying to learn and expand your philosophical awareness, and when people aren't given the freedom to receive an education, whether they can't afford it or because they are denied it, it's you who sees the outrage. You believe in a society that is well-informed and positioned to achieve their dreams. You realize that an illiterate populace is easier to control.

Capricorn: Fair And Equal Pay

You work long and hard hours to build the life you want, Capricorn. If your hard work isn't given the compensation it deserves, you will be the first one to call the bluff. You will not allow yourself to be exploited and you want the same for others. You believe a society that denies equal pay for equal work, across all spectrums of life, is a broken one.

Aquarius: Protection For The LGBTQI+ Community

You understand what it's like to be judged simply for being yourself. This is why the LGBTQI+ community means so much to you and why you never rest for one second when fighting for their rights to remain free, protected, and able to retain their space. You believe a society that can't protect its most vulnerable members doesn't know what the hell it's doing.

Pisces: No More War Or Colonization

Peace and beauty means the world to you, Pisces. You believe every living thing on Earth deserves to feel safe and cherished, that violently uprooting people from their homes is a crime against humanity. You don't think there's ever an excuse for that. You see that war is a product of greed and, being the most selfless sign, could never understand the point of it.