A woman taking a bath in pink water as a self-care ritual with only her face being visible

The Self-Care Ritual You Should Try In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

Looking back at 2017 and all I can say is, "wow." Was this year as exhausting for you as it was for me? I’m probably not alone, since recent studies show that there are increased stress levels throughout the country. Some point to the current administration, with 59 percent of people saying this is the lowest point of our country's history according to the American Psychology Association. UCLA found that stress-hostility is increasing in high schools. And now with health care being scaled back, everyone’s well-being is on the forefront of the national conversation. What I'm trying to say is, 2018 is the time for us to take care of ourselves, which is exactly why I came up with the best self-care ritual to try, according to your zodiac sign.

While the country may be experiencing massive change and turmoil, we should always make sure to take a few moments to turn inward and prioritize ourselves and our loved ones. Many people, especially millennials, are turning to natural remedies, rituals, and old methods of finding peace, such as tarot, witchcraft, palmistry and astrology. Self-care is the act of mindfully caring for yourself and taking time to prioritize your well-being. In 2018, let’s all try to incorporate more self-care rituals into our lives. (And if you’re interested, make a resolution to learn your full astrology chart). Based on your sign, here are some rituals to add to your resolutions.

Aries — Hydration And Moisturizing

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac; they are independent initiators who blaze new trails and jump into new experiences head first. Being a fire sign, Aries has to watch for burnout and exhaustion. Slow down and listen to your body.

Drinking water, especially first thing in the morning, is shown to improve energy and overall health. Adding lemon or vitamin C can help the immune system and complexion. Don’t take blazing hot showers (it’s dehydrating), but if you do, make sure you moisturize your body afterwards. In 2018, invest in skincare and a hydroflask or new bottle that will encourage you to hydrate on the go. Here are some moisturizers to try.

Taurus — Incorporate Movement And Flexibility

Taurus is the fixed earth sign of the zodiac. Arguably the most grounded, stubborn sign, Taureans can actually physically be stiff, or even sedentary at times. Staying still/sitting for long periods has been proven to lead to loads of health problems.

In 2018, sign up for a Pilates or yoga class, go for more walks, or make a mental note to stretch more. Get up and move around after being still for awhile. When you wake up, stretch, do some inversions, and get your blood flowing. It will lead to more energized days.

Gemini — Incorporate Emotional Hygiene

Gemini is the mercurial air sign, flitting about from idea to idea, place to place, etc. They rarely stay in one place because there is so much to see and do. But, when you are emotionally hurt or bruised, what happens to that pain? Geminis are not the best at handling icky emotions; they hate feeling sad and would rather change the subject to something lighter.

This year, practice some emotional hygiene. Let yourself slow down, address your pain, and let your wounds heal. If you keep pushing things down, you will never feel emotionally healthy. 2018 is the year to refresh your heart and heal.

Cancer — Declutter

Cancer is the cardinal water sign of the zodiac, taking actions based on their feelings and intuitions. Cancers are amazingly sensitive people, but this may lead to purchases and habits that aren’t logical or productive.

Cancers may be tied with Taurus for their hoarding tendencies; they cling to comforts. In 2018, clean out your room or home. Keeping things from years gone by can only lead to baggage (emotional and physical); take photos of your beloved items and donate them. Decluttering your space will open your life for new experiences.

Leo — Invest In A Hobby

Leo, the fixed fire sign, actually rules creativity and hobbies. To top it off, Leo rules the heart, which makes them caring and good-natured. Most Leos are aware of their heart’s desire, which not everyone can say. Even if you can’t work in your dream job, you can still take a little time to do something you love.

In 2018, put your money where your heart is. Buy a camera if you like photography, buy a sewing machine if you like designing, or sign up for a class that you want to learn more about. In 2018, put energy into things you enjoy and watch your happiness increase.

Virgo — Free-form Journaling

The Virgo mind goes a mile a minute — always thinking of to-do lists and compartmentalizing experiences. Being a logical earth sign, you dissect everything and analyze from every angle. In 2018, try free-form journaling by opening a blank page and writing whatever comes out. (Your opposite sign, Pisces, needs to try bullet journaling).

Just let the idea faucet flow, and don’t judge yourself or overthink your feelings. Since your mind is already so structured, in 2018 try to shut off the inner critic. Your mind is beautiful without intense editing and critique.

Libra — Incorporate Alone Time

Libra is the cardinal air sign who rules relationships, art, and fairness. Libra is always down to text, hang out, or go shopping. They are great partners and friends, always prioritizing other people’s wants and needs.

In 2018, Libra should prioritize alone time. Don’t feel pressured to answer every text, call, or email. Being alone with your thoughts can be daunting, but it is healthy for us to unplug from the outside world. Take yourself on a date, read a book, pick up a craft, or sign up for a class that will better you.

Scorpio — Be Carefree

Scorpio is the mysterious fixed water sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are complex, private, and passionate, preferring to be negative or sarcastic rather than vulnerable.

In 2018, Scorpio should stop taking themselves so seriously. Take silly selfies, dance like no one is watching, laugh with your friends, and sing loudly in your car. Who cares if that pop song has no “meaningful lyrics” if you can’t help but move to it? Life is about experiencing everything, including happiness, Scorpio.

Sagittarius — Incorporate Grounding

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, always looking for the next adventure or next new lesson to learn. Like Gemini, Sagittarius’ sister sign, Sagittarians need to slow down and look inward. In 2018, Sagittarius should try “grounding” or “earthing,” which basically is standing barefoot on grass or earth and centering yourself.

Find some fresh air and some quiet, if possible. Escape the hustle and bustle and get in touch with nature. Plan a camping trip or go to your local park to take walks. Your mind will always be on fire, but your body needs some time to recenter.

Capricorn — Take A Vacation

Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is all about making progress and achieving goals. Capricorn is the workaholic of the zodiac (probably followed by the other cardinal signs — Aries, Libra, and Cancer).

They are natural business people and have a mind for practical solutions. In 2018, clock out! Stop taking work home with you all the time. Tell your boss “no.” Don’t cover that person’s shift if you weren’t scheduled. Life is short, and though your long-term goals are important, quality time with loved ones and finding happiness are more important.

Aquarius — Nourish The Body

Aquarius, a fixed air sign, needs to focus on their physical body. Air signs are cerebral signs that think in theoretical terms, and may float off into their thoughts while ignoring things here on earth.

In 2018, Aquarius needs to prioritize their physical health in conjunction with mental health. Take a daily multivitamin, meal plan, set more definite sleep and food schedules, eat more greens and organic foods, and take time to exercise. You can’t enact your big plans on an empty stomach or while you’re sick.

Pisces — Bullet Journaling

Opposite of Virgo, who needs to de-structure their mind, Pisces needs to add some structure to their life. Bullet journaling is a fast-growing hobby that encourages people to document their life in one journal that is painstakingly crafted. It is part to-do list, part planner, part journal, and part notebook. Pisces, the mutable water sign, can sometimes go through life in a dreamy, hazy state.

With bullet journaling, Pisces can find organization, as well as keep track of time and goals! In 2018, make an effort to document your fantastical world — you’ll thank yourself later.