The Most Embarrassing Thing You'll Do In The Bedroom, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

We all know that the bedroom can create opportunities for awkward moments that are unforgettable in their own ways. It's no secret that when people get undressed, things can get weird. Though there haven't been official studies conducted about astrological sex lives, your zodiac sign can give some clues to your bedroom behavior. And while your first thought might be something along the lines of your best moves, or your best sexual match, we're going to make things awkward and spell out the most embarrassing sex mistakes each zodiac sign will eventually make.

The bedroom can be a wonderful place where unforgettable things happen between two (or more) people. And when you toss stars into the mix, it's bound to get interesting. Here's the embarrassing moment each sign will probably experience at least once in the bedroom.

Aries - Being A Knockout

Because Aries is ruled by the planet of aggression, Mars, the bedroom can become a battlefield. Aries might accidentally injure their bed buddy -- maybe by biting too hard, kneeing their partner during sleep, or poking an eye during rough-housing.

On the bright side, sex with an Aries will always have playful, angsty undertones. They rarely run out of their sex drive. What's a good romp without some blood, sweat, and tears?

Taurus – Being Too Dirty

Taurus' bedroom blunder is… well, being too filthy. Their partner may be blind-sided by their nastiness because they seemed so normal. Being ruled by the planet Venus means that Taurus is pleasure-oriented and appreciates good form. They're an earth sign, which means that they are sensual, physical, and tactile. Taurus is the type to get turned on by sweaty, dirty, hardworking people. Outside the bedroom they may seem reserved, but once you get them alone they let their freaky side out.

Gemini – Not Relaxing

Gemini's bedroom blunder may be talking too much or not relaxing. The sign of communication may be so wrapped up in their thoughts and words, that it's hard for them to let go and enjoy the moment. Their mind goes 100 miles a minute, so they'll say some weird things or have a nervous energy about them. Gemini's saving grace is that they are great with dirty talk due to their ruler Mercury, and they rule the hands… So at there's always that.

Cancer – Moody (M/D)ILFs

Cancer's bedroom blunder is being too emotional, possibly smothering the partner with their moods. I try to avoid stereotyping the signs, but Cancers are ruled by the moon, and like the tides, their emotions are ever shifting.

Their partners will find a great, loving partner behind the moodiness, though. Cancer rules the breasts and is traditionally associated with the mother archetype (Cancer's opposite sign, Capricorn, is the “daddy” archetype). So both signs need to watch out for Freudian elements in the bedroom…

Leo – Overdoing It

Leo's bedroom blunder is being a little… extra. The person you hear having sex from down the street is probably a Leo. They are proud, dramatic, and can treat the bed like a stage and sex like a performance. For Leos, the bigger and flashier, the better. Lingerie, music, candles, toys, role-playing, you name it.

If they have a more demure partner, it can feel a little like having a spotlight on your bedroom. But laying a Leo is ALWAYS fun and worth the production.

Virgo – High Pressure

Virgo's bedroom blunder is being too high strung and anal (no, not that). Our little perfectionists want to please their partner above all- they love being of service to those they care about. The pressure they place on themselves can lead to over-thinking, over-correcting, and over-criticizing. On the plus side, they are some of the most attentive lovers. As long as they avoid anxiety and embrace the natural sex appeal that is innate in all earth signs, they have nothing to stress about.

Libra – Looking At Themselves

Libra's bedroom blunder is probably getting caught looking in the mirror or taking a selfie. Libra is ruled by Venus, which carries a reputation of caring about appearances and aesthetics - some astrologers have even compared the Libra glyph to a mirror!

But Venus also rules charm, flirting, and other positive things that balances things out. So Libra, pay attention to your partner and stop considering your angles! I guess who can blame them? They are quite cute.

Scorpio – Too Serious, Too Soon

The most embarrassing thing that happens to a Scorpio in the bedroom is being too intense, too quickly. Scorpio is all about deep, soul connections; they weren't built for flings. Even if there is an agreed upon one-night stand/friends with benefits arrangement, Scorpio will obsess so much that suddenly there are strings attached.

But when Scorpio finally settles down, prepare for deep tantric sex that can only happen in the realm of committed relationships.

Sagittarius – Getting Caught

Out of all our signs, Sagittarius is the least likely to actually be found in the bedroom. They're usually on the move, doing dare-devil things or chasing the next adventure. Sag's blunder might be getting caught in the airplane bathroom trying to join the mile high club, or flashing an innocent passerby when getting it on in the car.

They are traditionally associated with travel, philosophy, and learning, so you'll probably find them incorporating the Kama Sutra/yoga poses during the act.

Capricorn – The Boss

Capricorns are often attracted to powerful, businesslike, and mature (read: older) people. Or, they may be all those things and are attracted to weaker, more malleable people. Don't let the professional attire fool you, being an earth sign, Caps are in-tune with their bodies and very much enjoy sex.

This power kink can lead to boss / secretary relationships or professor / student relationships, which leads to embarrassing and awkward moments without fail. Always be cautious of mixing work and play!

Aquarius – Third Wheel

Aquarians are the kind of people who find themselves in someone's bedroom, only to find out they've been invited into a threesome. For most people, this would be too weird and they'd turn right around. For Aquarius, it may be awkward at first, but they can make it work.

Aquarius is often the ideal candidate for odd sexual acts because they are so airy and detached. They are a magnet for eclectic, kinky experiences, and their strength is remaining friends with all parties involved.

Pisces – Falling Asleep

Pisces are caring, intuitive, people – but that doesn't mean they are necessarily sexual people. Their blunder is being too passive in the bedroom, to the point of possibly falling asleep. Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, is associated with dreams and being under the influence of substances.

Sex may be hazy, lazy, and daze-y, but some people are into that. Pisces is usually attracted to more aggressive people, as they like being the submissive ones. They will always be supportive and sweet, just don't leave it to them to get things started. (Tip: Some coffee can't hurt!)