Starbucks' New Ultra Caramel Frappuccino Is Sweeter Than Ever & I'm Obsessed

by Collette Reitz

Starbucks announced some delicious news on Tuesday, May 1 when the coffee chain revealed they added two new drinks to the Frappuccino menu. That's right, you now have more tasty drink options to help you cool down just as the days are beginning to warm up. You're sure to love the new frappuccino offerings because they are both a twist on a couple classic flavors. If you're a big fan of caramel, then the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino is perfect for you. So, what does Starbucks' Ultra Caramel Frappuccino taste like?

You can probably tell by the name of this new frappuccino flavor that it takes the flavor of the original Caramel Frappuccino to "the next level," according to Starbucks. The OG Caramel Frappuccino is described on Starbucks website as a blend of "buttery caramel syrup" with milk, coffee, and ice, and it is topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. The Caramel Frappuccino is a trusty favorite (you know it, you love it, and you probably drank plenty of them in your high school days).

The Ultra Caramel Frappuccino features all the same crave-worthy caramel flavor, but it ups the ante with "extra texture, beautiful layers, and tons of flavor." Layers is the key word here. The Ultra Caramel Frappuccino has five (yes, five) delightful layers: Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream, caramel sauce, caramel coffee Frappuccino, more whipped cream, and a final layer of caramel sauce.


While you might find it difficult to choose between your old favorite and the newcomer to the Frappuccino menu, you don't have to worry about sipping all the Ultra Caramel Frappuccinos you can before it leaves the menu. Unlike the seasonal and limited-edition Frappuccinos that Starbucks is known for (like the Zombie Frappuccino and the Crystal Ball Frappuccino), the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino has the honor of being a permanent addition to the Starbucks menu.

This is big news, you guys. According to Starbucks, this is the first time in years that a new drink has been added to the permanent Frappuccino menu. The Triple Mocha Frappuccino also joins the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino on the Starbucks menu, and these sips are here to stay.

It's a good thing there is no expiration date on these new frappuccinos, because with the options of two classic drinks you already adore and two upgraded versions of those sips, you have a lot of tasting to do. You already know the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino brings for your taste buds, but what about the flavor of the Triple Mocha Frappuccino?


Again, the newest frappuccinos share similar flavor profiles with their fan-favorites predecessors, so I'll remind you what the OG Mocha Frappuccino tastes like. Per the description on the Starbucks website, the chocolate version of this frozen caffeine boost is made with "mocha sauce, Frappuccino roast coffee, milk, and ice." Similarly, the Triple Mocha Frappuccino has layers of Cold Brew Whipped Cream, dark mocha sauce, and Mocha Frappuccino.

Both of the frozen sips are topped with whipped cream, and whipped cream is one of the best parts of drinking a frappuccino, right? I'll admit the addition of whipped cream is about 50 percent of the reason why I order a frappuccino in the first place. Well, guess what? Starbucks managed to make whipped cream even better (and tastier) than it already is.

When Starbucks announced the new frappuccinos, the company also shared the news that new Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream is available in stores to top your favorite drinks. Yes, Starbucks combined "cold brew coffee, dark caramel sauce, and white chocolate mocha sauce" to create a drink topping that definitely stands out from the rest.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to get an extra caffeine buzz from the Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream as I try it on the newest frappuccino flavors that (thankfully) aren't going anywhere.