Jungkook's Thumb Tattoo's A Subtle Tribute To BTS & Now I'm Sobbing

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Jungkook has been making huge changes to his physical appearance lately. Before BTS went on vacation on Aug. 12, Jungkook had no tattoos. Then, after BTS came back from their extended break on Sept. 16, Jungkook's hand was covered in ink. Oh, and his hair got way, way, longer, too. Flash forward to Oct. 13, and Jungkook has now cut his hair. It's the end of an era but, as for now, Jungkook still has his tattoos. The Most ARMYs thought if Jungkook's tats were temporary, they would be gone by now, but I'm happy to say they're still on Jungkook's hands, so... maybe they are real after all? *Fingers crossed* I'm sure you know all about Jungkook's "ARMY" tattoo, but what about his "0613" tattoo? What does Jungkook's "0613" tattoo mean? The hard-to-spot ink on his lower thumb has finally been revealed, and it's a subtle tribute to BTS and the meaning behind it is so sweet.

Long-time BTS fans will instantly know the meaning behind "0613" because it stands for a special day in BTS history. Since BTS is constantly making new fans every day, I don't blame you if you aren't up to speed on your BTS trivia just yet, though. It's OK. I'll help you learn it now. And if you're a long-time member of the BTS ARMY and don't know what "0613" stands for, that's OK, too. A lot of things have been happening within the BTS fandom, so maybe the date just slipped your mind. When I tell you what it means, though, you're going to face-palm.

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Here's the answer to your question: "0613" represents the day BTS debuted!

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook debuted as BTS on June 13, 2013. Now that I think about it, Jungkook's tattoo could have said, "061313," but maybe he chose "0613" because the "13" could stand for the day and the year? If so, that's genius. It's simple, yet so meaningful. That's my favorite kind of tattoo!

I'm sure you're wondering what Jungkook's "0613" tat looks like, so here's a photo a fan managed to take during their Saudi Arabia concert on Oct. 11.

I'm glad this ARMY managed to snap this pic, because up until now, not knowing what the art on Jungkook's lower thumb was was seriously driving me mad. I knew there was something there, but just couldn't make out what it was in the grainy sightings fans had gotten so far! All I knew was that Jungkook got an "ARMY"-inspired tattoo on his fingers with some meaningful doodles all around it.

BTS performed in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 11. The videos of Jungkook dancing with long hair and tattoos totally made the ARMY swoon. Here are just a few reactions from fans:

As it turns out, that was just a one-time thing, because two days later, Jungkook revealed that he cut his hair. On Oct. 13, he uploaded a selfie showing off his new hairstyle.

He looks so handsome, guys! The ARMY is happy with whatever hairstyle Jungkook rocks. As Jungkook's hair evolution shows, he's always changing up his hairstyle, which makes all his hair changes so exciting. As long as he's happy with his hair, the ARMY is happy, too.

Also, whether Jungkook's tats are temporary or real, fans would be fine with it either way. This is Jeon Jungkook! He looks handsome no matter what style he's rocking!