BTS' Jungkook's Hair Evolution Is All About The Tiny Details

During BTS' livestream after the 2019 Grammy Awards, Jimin gushed about how Shawn Mendes had recognized him backstage — even without the rest of the BTS members by his side! RM joked that it was probably because of Jimin's hair color, which was purple back then, and honestly, he was probably right. Ever since the group debuted in 2013, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have changed their hairstyles and colors every few months or so to go along with each of their album's concepts. For new BTS fans, it could be confusing having to relearn everyone's names and hair colors, but for fans who have followed BTS for a while now, they know to expect the unexpected when it comes to hair. BTS' Jungkook's hair evolution shows that he's changed his hair a lot since 2013 — you just have to look really close to see it sometimes.

Since the group has been together for years, I think now is as good as time as ever to take a look at how Jungkook's hair has changed over time.

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Entertainment — BTS' Jungkook's Hair Evolution Is All About The Tiny Details

June 2013: Jet Black With Side-Swept Bangs

In June 2013, BTS made their debut performance with "No More Dream" on the South Korean music television program M Countdown. To fit the group's dark, edgy hip hop concept, the guys wore all-black clothing, gold chains and rings, and even dyed their hair dark shades of brown and black. Jungkook's hair was jet black with side-swept bangs.

September 2013: Still Black, But Shorter

It had only been three months since BTS' debut, so the members' hair colors hadn't changed all that much, including Jungkook's, which was still black, but it wasn't as long. He also ditched the side-swept bangs.

February 2014: Dark Red And Super Short

In February 2014, Jungkook made his first dramatic hair change. For the first time since BTS' debut, Jungkook no longer had black hair. Instead, he changed his hair to dark red and also cut it so short that you could finally see his eyebrows, which were also dyed red. That's commitment.

August 2014: Back To Black And Side-Swept Bangs

BTS' "Danger" era saw the members going for yet another dark concept, and as such, Jungkook changed his hair back to black and brought back the side-swept bangs as well. But instead of the scruffy, layered look he was rocking during the "No More Dream" era, Jungkook's hair was super sleek.

October 2014: Black, But Parted Down the Middle

The BTS ARMY goes head over heels whenever Jungkook shows a bit of his forehead. I don't know what it is about a sliver of forehead, but having his hair parted down the middle just gives Jungkook a whole different look.

May 2015: Brown, With A Smooth Style

The "I Need U" era marked a shifting point for BTS' music since this single showcased a more mature sound for the group. To fit the group's evolving concept, Jungkook changed his hair to a soft brown for the first time.

June 2015: Dark Purple

I think the ARMY can collectively agree that this was one of Jungkook's best hairstyles. Not only did Jungkook dye his hair dark purple, but he also styled his hair in a way that fans haven't seen before. With that police uniform, fans just couldn't help but swoon over Jungkook.

July 2015: Back To Brown

The dark purple didn't last long, because in July, Jungkook's hair was back to brown, but that didn't matter to fans because he still slayed in his police uniform.

December 2015: Still Brown

Jungkook's hair during the "Run" era was still brown and he also continued to show off a bit of forehead (can you tell Jungkook isn't as dye-happy as his bandmate Jimin?). Anyway, without the side-swept bangs and dark makeup like in previous eras, he gave off a more mature vibe than before, which fit the group's changing image.

May 2016: Dark Brown

Jungkook's hair color didn't change too drastically from the "Run" era to the "Fire" era, but he did style his hair a bit differently. Instead of parting his hair down the middle, Jungkook crimped his hair so that it had a tussled look at all times.

October 2016: Light Brown

For the "Blood Sweat & Tears" era, Jungkook dyed his hair to a lighter shade of brown and styled his hair to look smoother again rather than "tussled."

February 2017: Light Brown

For BTS' live performances of "Not Today" and "Spring Day," Jungkook had light brown hair again.

May 2017: Dark Brown

A few months after the release of "Not Today," Jungkook showed off a darker hairstyle at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. It wasn't a drastic change, but he did show off his forehead again, which made ARMYs really happy.

September 2017: Brown And Wavy

After the 2017 BBMAs, all eyes were on BTS for their Love Yourself: Her comeback. BTS' lead single from the album was "DNA," which had a super colorful music video, and to fit the group's brighter concept, Jungkook kept his hair brown, but changed it to a wavy hairstyle.

November 2017: Back To Black

Up until now, Jungkook has dyed his hair different shades of brown, so although the black hair wasn't too big of a change, it was a nice little surprise for ARMYs.

May 2018: Still Black

BTS released their album Love Yourself: Tear in May, which had a dark concept, so as you can imagine, Jungkook kept his hair black.

August 2018: Bright Red

For the first time in three years, Jungkook was no longer a brunette! He dyed his hair bright red, which then faded into a pinkish color.

September 2018: Back To Brown

Sadly, Jungkook didn't keep the red hair for long, because in September, he went back to brown, but that's OK, because he rocked his brown hair, too. (Obviously.)

May 2019: Dark Brown And Short

Again, Jungkook didn't change his hair too much for the "Boy With Luv" comeback, but he did cut his hair shorter and showed off a bit of forehead once again.

July 2019: Still Brown, But Long

In the months following the release of BTS' latest album, Map of the Soul: Persona, Jungkook grew out his hair, and let me tell you: It's gotten really long. Fans hope Jungkook will keep his hair this length for the group's next comeback, but I guess they'll just have to wait and see to find out.

Either way, I know Jungkook will rock any hairstyle and color!