BTS' Jungkook May Have Gotten The Sweetest ARMY-Inspired Tattoo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, you didn't read that headline wrong. Fans actually think BTS' Jungkook may have gotten an ARMY-inspired tattoo. Like the rest of the BTS members, Jungkook is known to change his look spontaneously, but nothing could have prepared fans for this. In 2018, Jungkook surprised fans by dying his hair bright red, which was a huge change from his usual brown or black hair. Then earlier this summer at the group's Lotte Duty Free Family concert on Aug. 11, Jungkook also surprised fans by debuting a super-long hairstyle. Throughout the years, Jungkook also caught the ARMY off guard with the number of piercings he's gotten, but the one look fans haven't seen yet (and certainly didn't expect) is Jungkook with a tattoo. So, did BTS' Jungkook get a tattoo? The BTS member definitely has some new ink, but whether it's real or not, is unclear.

Why do fans think Jungkook got a tattoo? On Sept. 16, BTS was spotted at Incheon International Airport in Korea. According to Soompi, a source from Big Hit Entertainment announced that this was because “BTS has ended their period of rest and will be flying out today for a scheduled activity.” Fans haven't seen BTS out in public together for a little over a month, so it makes sense that the guys would appear different than the last time they saw them (which was back on Aug. 11 at the Lotte Duty Free Family concert).

Out of all the guys, the BTS ARMY was most shocked by Jungkook's changed appearance. Not only did he come back with even longer hair, but he also showed off some new ink on his body. OMG. You can see the beautiful piece of ink at the 0:49 mark in the video below.

You can see in the clip that while Jungkook was making his way through the airport, he kept his right hand in his pocket most of the time. Maybe it's because he wanted to keep his new tattoo on the down low, but because the BTS ARMY never misses anything, they managed to catch Jungkook's tattoo instantly.

Fans who zoomed into the video noticed the tattoo read, "ARMY" across Jungkook's knuckles, which is the name of the BTS fandom. Jungkook hasn't said anything about the tattoo yet, so fans have no idea whether it's real or just temporary. Either way, the fact that Jungkook got ARMY-inspired ink — real or temporary — is honestly the sweetest thing ever.

What's interesting is that fans also noticed how "ARMY" was stylized in a really unique way. The "A" looked like an upside-down "V," so fans thought the tattoo could have more than one meaning. Besides the fact that the tattoo was dedicated to the BTS ARMY, fans thought the tattoo could also represent the BTS members' names. The "A" with no line through the middle would be an upside-down V, which would stand for V (aka, Taehyung), the "RM" part of "ARMY" would be for RM, and the "Y" would stand for "Yoongi," aka Suga. As for J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin, well Jungkook also appeared to have the letter "J" tattooed on the finger with "M" on the knuckle, too.

Some fans even think the tattoo has been there for a few weeks now. On Sept. 1, Jimin posted a photo of Jungkook for his birthday and fans said that if you zoom in really close, you could see a bit of Jungkook's tattoo.

Honestly, that might be a stretch, and since Jungkook hasn't said anything about the tattoo yet, I'll just wait for him to confirm whether the tattoo is real or not and what, exactly, it means. If it turns out that the tattoo is real, well I don't think I and the rest of the BTS ARMY would be able to handle it!