Here's What Mayochup Actually Tastes Like If You're Curious To Try It


If you think about it, you can learn a lot about someone based off their condiment preferences. People who use ketchup, for example, are vastly different from those who prefer mayonnaise. But, if you happen to enjoy both ketchup and mayo together — er, "Mayochup" — then you're either very well traveled or from the Midwest. As large portion of the world has not yet tasted this unique combination, many are wondering what Heinz Mayochup tastes like. Even though it might be obvious, the combination sounds delicious. I am seriously dying to try it.

Heinz is the ingenious creator behind the official mayo and ketchup hybrid, which is currently known as "Mayochup." While I haven't yet tried Mayochup, it sounds like a fantastic side for fries, a divine spread for any type of sandwich or burger, and a perfect dipping sauce for literally anything. However, there's a decent amount of controversy surrounding what ketchup and mayo actually tastes like together. To start, some are claiming that Mayochup simply tastes "delicious" and "magical." And although I'm not entirely sure what that means, it sounds like a dream come true. How could anyone turn that down?

Other reviewers on Twitter think that Mayochup tastes extremely familiar. Some claim it resembles Thousand Island dressing, while others think it tastes like Russian Dressing, Whopper Sauce, or even McDonalds' secret Big Mac sauce. These people seem to have a pretty clear idea of what Mayochup actually tastes like, and I've diligently noted what they had to say.

Aside from those claiming Mayochup tastes like "magic," "wonder," or another similar condiment, there are a handful of people who claim the sauce tastes like a Midwestern delicacy known as "fry sauce." Though I'm not personally familiar with this foreign treat, much of Middle America is convinced that Mayochup is pretty much the same thing. And who am I to say otherwise?

Although I haven't yet indulged in Mayochup, I tried homemade versions of ketchup and mayonnaise when I was studying abroad in London. As it turns out, the combo is already quite popular across the pond. It's only available in stores throughout the Middle Eastern Gulf States right now, though, so I guess we'll all just have to go there. Pack your bags!

As it turns out, Heinz Mayochup will make its way to the United States in the future. But amidst their market research, Heinz received some negative feedback on the name, "Mayochup." So, the condiment company has officially decided to let fans decide what Mayochup should actually be called. Until Friday, April 20, Heinz is allowing fans to share their preferred Mayochup name on Twitter. If you decide to share a new name, make sure to tag @Heinz in your post. The possibilities are seriously endless. You can count on me to enter the name "Fancy Sauce," because #StepBrothers.

Whether you think Mayochup tastes like magic, the condiment of your dreams, Thousand Island dressing, Big Mac Sauce, or like Utah's renowned "fry sauce," let it be known that it probably just tastes really freaking good, and that's all that matters at the end of the day. All thanks to the ever-passionate Twitterverse, Heinz is officially bringing it to the United States in 2018 (I can't wait). If you're not quite sure how you feel about the name, make sure to tell them what you think it should be called — because every suggestion counts. This is a super important matter, and if you couldn't tell, I take my condiments very seriously.