If You Want Heinz Mayochup In The United States, You Have To Do One Thing

by Collette Reitz

You guys, I am beyond ready for all the endless barbecues that pair so well with spring and summer weather. If you're someone who needs the condiments to be on point in order to truly enjoy a good backyard get-together, then you are going to be so excited about about the latest product from Heinz. It's combination of two barbecue staples, but you might wonder where you can your hands on it. So, is Heinz Mayochup available in the United States?

Before I can answer that question, you'll want to know what Mayochup is, right? Well, this combination of two condiment heavyweights is exactly what you (probably) think it is: a combination of Heinz Real Mayonnaise and Heinz Ketchup. Currently, the product is only available in the Middle Eastern Gulf States, but Heinz Mayochup will likely arrive in the United States soon, thanks to your votes.

Heinz began a Twitter poll on Wednesday, April 11 asking if U.S. condiment aficionados want this pre-made blend of ketchup and mayonnaise on grocery store shelves stateside. If the votes for "Pass the Heinz Mayochup" tick up to 500,000, then Heinz Mayochup will hit U.S. stores — and you can start planning all the new "mayochup" recipes your sauce-loving heart desires.

For those of you whose summer cookouts are depending on the release of Heinz Mayochup in the United States, then know the odds are looking pretty good. At the time of publishing, the "yes" votes for Heinz Mayochup are only 80,000 away from 500,000, according to Heinz. Nicole Kulwicki, Director of Marketing for Heinz, said in a emailed statement, "'s looking like Heinz Mayochup has a strong chance of launching!" You can still vote on the Heinz Mayochup poll for two more days, so make your voice heard before April 15.

With the U.S. release of Heinz Mayochup looking like all but a sure thing, the next step is naming this new product. Kulwicki said in the statement,

The next question at hand is the final name for this delicious combination. We know our friends in Idaho and Utah are passionate about Fry Sauce, and we've seen lots of other great suggestions online, so if we get to 500,000 votes, we will be giving the nation a say in our final name.

It turns out, there are already plenty of names for this the tasty combination of ketchup and mayonnaise. According to The Washington Post, a few groups are laying claim to having invented "mayochup" long before Heinz Mayochup. The paper reported how the Puerto Rican community, for example, has been enjoying "mayoketchup" with dishes like fried plantains, yuca, and french fries.

Other Latin American countries also use the combination in their cuisines, but while the ingredients of ketchup and mayonnaise remain, the sauce is known by a few different names, per The Washington Post. People in Venezuela, Colombia, and Costa Rica call it "salsa rosada" or "pink sauce" when they use a spoonful of the stuff on their arepa or pejibaye.

Even Kulwicki acknowledged that people in "Idaho and Utah are passionate about Fry Sauce," which is apparently also a combination of mayonnaise and ketchup.

While most of the existing names for the mayonnaise-ketchup combination exist in reality, there is one fictional reference to the mixture in the movie Step Brothers, when Will Ferrell's character, Brennan Huff, hogs the "fancy sauce" from his adult stepbrother, Dale Doback (played by John C. Reilly). It's a pretty funny scene — and I'd argue that "fancy sauce" should definitely be a contender for the name of the "mayochup".

No matter where you first heard of it or how you use it, the combination of mayonnaise and ketchup seems to be largely viewed as a delicious one. The most common point of contention appears to come from agreeing on what it should be called. When the "yes" votes for Heinz Mayochup reach 500,000, you can help decide which name best fits this new condiment staple.