"Mayochup" Is A New Condiment & People Are Confused About It


In this world, there are certain combinations that are just meant to be — like cheese and crackers, Grace and Frankie, and Oreos and milk. (Or, most importantly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and myself... but I digress.) If you haven't already heard, Heinz just came up with a pretty unique concept: the combination of ketchup and mayonnaise in one bottle. And while I'm undoubtedly intrigued by this enticing combination, the internet is feeling conflicted. In fact, these tweets about Heinz Mayochup show that Twitter is pretty confused about it.

Heinz Mayochup, according to a press release, is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-made blend of both ketchup and mayo. Europeans have been eating it as french fry dipping sauce for years — which I learned during my studies abroad — and unfortunately, it's only available in stores throughout the Middle Eastern Gulf States at this moment in time. Clearly, Americans have not yet discovered the delicious combo, and they're pretty stumped by the concept. Is it used as a sandwich spread? Does it work as a dip? Why aren't people just making it themselves? Twitter clearly isn't sure if they're quite ready for it yet, and many are shocked. The panic and confusion is too real, guys.

Some Heinz fans, on the other hand, aren't totally hating the idea of this unusual combination. While a few innovative minds have been blending ketchup and mayo for years, other open-minded beings are simply attracted to the idea of the condiment. The hype coming from this portion of Twitter is so damn real. For their sake, I hope Heinz ultimately comes through and brings Mayochup to the United States, once and for all.

A large portion of the Twittersphere is merely upset about the fact that Heinz decided on the name "Mayochup." Many mid-Westerners and Europeans know the combo as "fry sauce" or "prawn sauce." Some are confused as to why it isn't called "fancy sauce," per Step Brothers, and a few people out there have different name ideas for it. TBH, no couple name will ever be as good as Bradgelina, and you guys are just being salty. As we all learned in kindergarten: "What matters is on the inside," so everyone needs to get over the name on the Mayochup label.

Speaking of other interesting combinations you may not be familiar with, cold brew wine is totally a thing, and it's kind of impossible not to be down for it. Popular wine brand Apothic created Apothic Brew, which is essentially just cold brew coffee-infused wine... and it sounds absolutely amazing. This is obviously a match made in heaven, and thankfully, it's available in wine stores throughout the country. Unlike Mayochup, you won't have to go all the way to Dubai to try this unique blend — so raise your glass and get ready for all of your upcoming brunches to be 10 times more extraordinary.

I'm personally a little unsure as to how I feel about the concept of mayo and ketchup — er, Mayochup. While I didn't get the opportunity to indulge on the popular combination when I was abroad, I would potentially be down to try it if it made its way to the United States. Regardless, I do hope that it does eventually hit shelves in America, because so many eager beavers are clearly dying to try it. Heinz, give the Mayochup-lovin' people what they want, and just get it here already. The fans are waiting.