Here's Where To Get Coffee-Infused Wine, Because This Is Important

If you know me at all, you're probably aware that my two favorite beverages are coffee and red wine. I'm not kidding: I always start my morning with a cold brew, and I usually end my day with a glass of merlot. However, as much as I love both drinks, I never thought about what they'd taste like together. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of coffee infused-booze, and it looks like Apothic Wine isn't either. The groundbreaking wine company recently announced Apothic Brew, which is cold brew-infused red wine. TBH, it sounds like the drink of my dreams, and I am so ready to try it. If you feel the same, let's talk about where to buy Apothic Brew.

Luckily, there's no catch when it comes to buying Apothic wine. You won't need to flee the country or enter contest of some sort — so don't worry. All you'll need to do is take a trip to your local liquor store. Yup, that's it. However, before you grab your car keys and start your Apothic Brew mission, you'll need to make sure your closest liquor store sells it. In order to do so, visit Apothic's website, and click on its Apothic Brew page.

Once you're there, click on "Where to Buy." After you press that button, the site will take you to a page that'll tell you exactly where to buy the coffee-infused red wine. (The company obviously wants to make this easy for you.) There are two ways you can find it, and each is simple. You can enter your zip code and choose a mile radius, which will bring you to a map of liquor stores in your area that are selling Apothic wines. However, you'll be prompted to choose which wine you're looking for — so make sure you search for Apothic Brew once it's available. (There is even an option to find out where you can try the wine in restaurants. Wine 'n dine, anyone?)

The second option Apothic's website gives you is The Barrel Room. If you're not close to any liquor stores selling the bottle you want, you can always order it online. The Barrel Room has various Apothic wines available at reasonable prices, so choose your favorite and plan a wine night. There's nothing better than having your favorite wine bottle delivered to your doorstep, right?

Apothic Wine

So... if you've used each of these tactics while searching for Apothic Brew, you probably noticed that you can't find it yet. Don't get frustrated — you're not doing anything wrong! You can't find Apothic Brew in stores or online because it isn't available until April 1. I know, I know. This is sad news, especially after I hyped you up about it. Don't fret, though. April isn't far away, and you'll be able to try Apothic Brew in no time.

If you're still iffy about the combination, allow me to tell you a little bit more about it. According to an online press release, cold brew's smooth and chocolatey notes blend well with the blackberry characteristics of red wine. The result of the combo is a delicious wine that can be served chilled or at room temperature.

Christine Jagher, Apothic's director of marketing, talked about Apothic Brew in a press release. She said, "We've always sought to break the mold to bring our fans products we know they will love. Apothic Brew is a game changer that offers the best of both worlds – cold brew and wine – and I can't wait for people to try it."

I don't know about you, but I definitely can't wait to try it. Apothic Brew will be available in limited quantities on April 1. Check your local liquor store for a bottle or order it online.