“Mayochup” Is Officially Coming & You Can Help Give It A New Name

by Collette Reitz

In my opinion, no meal is really complete without at least a few condiments. Naturally, when I heard Heinz was talking about offering a new product called "mayochup," I listened up real good. The company put the decision about whether or not to bring Heinz Mayochup stateside in the hands of the people (via a Twitter poll). The votes in favor of the "mayochup" show people are very much here for this new condiment, and Heinz Mayochup is coming to the United States.

Heinz Mayochup is a pre-made combination of mayonnaise and ketchup, and according to Heinz, almost 1 million people voted on the saucy issue (with the "yes" votes for Heinz Mayochup coming in at well over 500,000). Heinz had previously told the voters that if the Heinz Mayochup received half a million votes, then Heinz would bring the condiment stateside (Heinz Mayochup is currently only available in the Middle Eastern Gulf States). Well, the numbers don't lie, and Heinz announced in a tweet on Monday, April 16 that the brand is officially set to have "mayochup" make its U.S debut this year.

The upcoming U.S. arrival of "mayochup" is not the only news about this delicious duo. In the process of the voting, Heinz also received feedback that indicated people weren't so sure about the name "mayochup," so the brand is letting you weigh in on what you think it should be called.

Nicole Kulwicki, Director of Marketing for Heinz, said in an emailed statement,

We know people have combined mayonnaise and ketchup for years and they are passionate about its name. That’s why we’re asking America to share their suggestions, to ensure our version of this delicious duo gets the name it deserves.

You can make your voice heard on the Heinz Twitter page through Friday, April 20 when you share what you think the new Heinz Mayochup should be called, according to Heinz.

As soon as Heinz announced the possibility of this "mayochup," plenty of people chimed in to say this combination has existed long before Heinz Mayochup. The Puerto Rican community, for example, has been using "mayoketchup" with dishes like fried plantains and french fries for years, per The Washington Post. Latin American connoisseurs of this mayonnaise-ketchup mixture know it as "salsa rosada" or "pink sauce" in places like Venezuela, Colombia, and Costa Rica, according to the paper.

The Salt Lake Tribune revealed Utahans have also been enjoying this dipping duo, and they call it "fry sauce."

Comedy fans made sure to chime in with the well-known appearance of a mayo-ketchup mixture in the 2008 film, Step Brothers. That's right, people are offering up "fancy sauce" as a possible name for Heinz Mayochup when it hits U.S. stores. I don't know if it will wind up as the winning name, but I think Brennan Huff and Dale Doback would be totally cool with it.

While the new condiment is set to hit U.S. store shelves this year, there is no official arrival date yet. That doesn't mean you're totally out of luck when it comes to enjoying some "mayochup." Heinz shared in an email to Elite Daily that you can mix up your own mayo-ketchup combination when you mix together Heinz Ketchup and new Heinz Mayonnaise, which the brand says is made with 100 percent cage-free eggs.

Yeah, it's a little more work than one simple squeeze from a Heinz Mayochup bottle, but it will help you can satisfy your "mayochup" cravings as you wait for the soon-to-be-named "mayochup" to arrive stateside.

I don't know what the final name for the "mayochup" will be, but I'm sure it'll be the perfect condiment for all of your dipping needs.