Apple’s New Personalized Memoji Stickers Are A Total Game-Changer

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Memoji stickers are better than ever. If you haven't updated your iPhone to iOS 13 yet, you're missing out. Apple's latest update became available Sept. 19, and one of the best new features in the update is the Memoji stickers. If you have an iPhone with the True Depth camera, then you're aware of what a Memoji is, but you've never seen them like this until now. So, what are Memoji stickers in iOS 13? They're more personal, more customizable, more accessible, and have a wider range of use.

Memojis became a ~thing~ in 2018, following Apple's Animoji release back in 2017. Animojis are interactive emojis that mimic your facial expressions, and Apple took them to the next level with the release of Memojis, custom 3-D human emojis. If you thought that was the end of the road for animated emojis, think again.

Prior to iOS 13, Memojis didn't have as much functionality. They could be used to record fun videos of yourself (as your Memoji), which you could send in iMessage or in photos. Although the old Memojis may have been fun to use, they simply don't stack up to the iOS 13 update's new Memoji stickers and the updated functionality.

Now, instead of having to record your own expression any time you were to use your Memoji, iPhone has Memoji stickers with the typical emoji expressions like thumbs up, shrugging, heart eyes, a wink, or a face-palm.


And, iPhone's Memoji sticker are available directly in your iMessage. You can access them directly via iMessage, just like any emoji. Just click on the Memoji icon. Plus, you can also send your Memoji stickers in email and third-party apps.

How to Create a Memoji in iOS 13

iOS 13 is pretty streamlined with the Memoji feature, so it isn't difficult to get started customizing your very own Memoji. To create one, open your messages, tap the Memoji icon, and then tap the plus sign. You will then be taken to the character page where you can create and customize your Memoji. When you're finished, tap "Done" to save. Also, if you already have a Memoji, it will show up in the Memoji sticker tray, but you can also update to a new Memoji with all the new customizable options.


The most fun part about the new Memoji stickers is how personal you can make them. The update includes more hairstyle options, and new accessories such as additional earrings, glasses, and even piercings. The options almost feel endless. You can even customize the teeth of your Memoji to have braces or a gap. And, of course, you can make an alter-ego version of yourself, or a few. If you don't want to commit to pink hair IRL, you can still make your Memoji with it.

Like iPhone's long-anticipated Dark Mode included in the Apple iOS 13, these new Memoji stickers may be one of the coolest features in the new software update. The best part is, you don't have to go out and buy the iPhone 11 to enjoy the iOS 13, unless you really want to. According to Apple, anyone with the iOS 13 update can create Memoji stickers. Keep in mind you can only create animated Memojis with an iPhone X or later, but you can still receive animated Memojis from your friends if you have an earlier version of an iPhone.

Other new features included in the iPhone iOS 13 update include an upgraded Photos with a new tab section, upgraded security, a new map, QuickPath typing, and a new CarPlay Dashboard. This is one of the biggest system updates for iPhones in a few years. Packed with a ton of new features and upgraded ways to use your iPhone, I wouldn't be waiting too long to download it and start taking advantage. If anything, the totally personalized Memoji stickers are worth it.

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