What 20 TV Couples Wore On Halloween, Because Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

There are lots of reasons to get fired up as Oct. 31 approaches, like having an excuse to stuff your face with candy and watch horror flicks, and plotting out the costume you’ll flaunt all over the ‘Gram, to name a few. But TBH, one of my personal favorites is the Halloween-themed TV episodes that tend to air around this holiday. Who doesn’t love to see their favorite characters go to epic costume parties and navigate spooky dilemmas? Best of all, by observing what TV couples wore on Halloween, you and your boo might get some phenomenal ideas — you know, the kind that racks up those likes (#nofilterneeded).

Halloween inspiration can come from anywhere, but pop culture is obviously a treasure trove of ideas. Case in point: Jessica Day’s darling Ramona Quimby costume on New Girl, Haley’s sexy Mother Theresa costume on Modern Family (still lol’ing over that one), or Phoebe’s Supergirl costume on Friends. So basically, there’s no reason to agonize over coming up with an elaborate idea for you and bae this year. Because fortunately, your fave fictional characters have already done that for you.

Rather than scouring Pinterest or aimlessly Googling ideas, take a cue from these TV characters, who crushed it with their couple's costumes.

Dating — What 20 TV Couples Wore On Halloween, Because Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

"Euphoria": Jules & Rue

In “The Next Episode,” Jules sports a white dress and angel wings a la Clare Dane in the 1996 film adaptation of Romeo + Juliet, and Rue wears a black tux. While some viewers assumed Rue was dressed as Romeo, others have theorized that she’s actually supposed to be Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous character in the 1930 classic Morocco.

Considering that just like Rue, Dietrich sports a tuxedo with a pocket square and bowtie in the film, and that Morocco features a kiss between two ladies, that kind of makes sense. Still, the scene where they kiss underwater in the pool was definitely inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s film. And when Jules drunkenly falls into the pool, she even recites a line from the Shakespeare play: "Although I joy in thee, I have no joy in this contract tonight. It’s too rash, too unadvised, too sudden, too like the light in which thou doth cease to breathe."


"Buffy The Vampire Slayer": Anya & Xander

Buffy The Vampire Slayer had more than one Halloween episode, but "Fear Itself" from season 4 might be the most memorable, in part because the gang hits up a costume party at which a couple of frat brothers summon a demon that makes everyone’s deepest fears come true. Willow dresses up as Joan of Arc, Oz dresses up as God (with a name tag and everything), and Buffy makes for an adorable Little Red Riding Hood. Anya and Xander, may not have put together a coordinating couples costume, but they look adorbs nonetheless as a pink and white bunny and James Bond, respectively.

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"Parks and Recreation": Leslie & Ann

“Halloween Surprise” is an eventful Parks and Rec episode for many reasons, in part because it ends with Ben popping the question to Leslie (to which she says “Oh yeah, duh”). And while Leslie and Ann aren’t exactly a romantic couple, the unstoppable duo’s corresponding feminist costumes are definitely worth a mention. Leslie dresses up as Rosie the Riveter (from the iconic World War II “We Can Do It!” poster), while Ann channels Olympic gymnast Gabbie Douglas. And that, folks, is how two besties straight-up win Halloween.


"Gilmore Girls": Rory & Logan

Things are complicated AF for Rory and Logan during this Halloween episode. In fact, Logan brings a different date, and Rory shows up with Logan's friend, Robert (ouch). Still, Rory and Logan obvi end up smooching regardless, and their costumes for The Life & Death Brigade’s Quentin Tarantino-themed bash are pure fire.

Rory totally turns heads as Gogo from Kill Bill: Vol. 1, and she’s a dead ringer for the fierce AF schoolgirl in a plaid skirt, knee socks, blazer, and red necktie. She even carries Gogo’s Chinese weapon (a Meteor Hammer) like a true baddie. For his part, Logan channels Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction, in a metallic gold robe, satin boxing shorts, and a white muscle tank.

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"How I Met Your Mother": Marshall & Lily

I can’t count on two hands the number of times that Marshall and Lily were literally the cutest couple ever to walk the planet, but their coordinating costume, which won them the grand prize in a contest, may take the cake. Marshall dressed up as a pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow, no less), and Lily was his parrot, complete with an extravagant green feather headpiece. The couple was awarded a $100 gift card for their efforts, which, hilariously, is less than what their costumes cost ($150 each). But it pays to slay, am I right?

"The Office": Jim & Pam

OK, so Jim and Pam aren’t technically together at this point in season 2, but still, it’s totally obvious in the “Halloween” episode that they’re flirting up a storm, and their mutual feels are undeniable. Pam dresses up as a black cat (classic), and Mr. Halpert slaps a few giant black dots on his button-down and calls himself “Three-Hole Punch Jim,” which is pretty genius as far as lazy Halloween costumes go, IMHO (so take note). Honorable mention goes to their Popeye and Olive Oyl couples costume in season 7.


"This Is Us": Rebecca & Jack

The Halloween episode of This Is Us is packed with charming pop culture-inspired costumes (including a young Randall as Michael Jackson). But TBH, Jack and Rebecca’s take on Sonny and Cher might be the highlight. Rebecca nails the look with a long, straight brunette wig and enormous hoop earrings, while Jack channels the other half of the iconic couple with an epic ‘stache and bell-bottom suit. (Pro tip: if you’re hunting around for a ‘70s couples costume, this one’s bound to be a hit).


"Happy Endings": Penny & Max

When Penny starts bumming that she doesn’t have a date for the big warehouse Monster Mash Pumpkin Bash, Max pulls through like the BFF he is and agrees to be the “baby” strapped to her chest in a makeshift Bjorn for the night.

The only problem? They both have their eye on the same cutie at the party — a guy named AJ, who’s dressed as ZZ Top Gun. Without a doubt, the most entertaining aspect of the “Spooky Endings” episode is watching Penny and her college bestie try to navigate flirting with him in their awkwardly conjoined costume, which is equal parts creepy and impressive.


"13 Reasons Why": Jessica & Justin

Jessica and Justin’s relationship on 13 Reasons Why is a complex, and in many ways, problematic one. That said, their Sid and Nancy couples costume for Liberty High’s competition is a real treat (see what I did there?) — and in fact, lands them the $200 cash prize. They even beat out Marcus, who dressed up as an ''El Nin̈o" tropical storm with an elaborate lighting sound effect.

Modern Family: Cam & Mitchell

It’s next to impossible to choose a favorite Modern Family Halloween episode, but “Good Grief” gave us Cam and Mitchell as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, so I think that pretty much seals the deal.

Honestly, Cam kills it as the Duchess in an off-the-shoulder pink skirt set and dainty blush hat, and Mitchell is the spitting image of the Duke in his full decorated uniform. If those looks feel strikingly familiar, it might be because they’re the same ensembles that the royal couple wore to the annual Trooping the Colour parade in June.

New Girl: Jess & Sam

Jess and Sam’s no-strings-attached relationship was basically doomed from the start (#teamNickforever), and New Girl's legendary Halloween episode lays on the foreshadowing about their fate as a couple.

Jess dresses up as the Zombie of Christina Barcelona (important note: Nick had her pegged as a “sexy undead Driver’s Ed teacher,” and Schmidt thought she was a Zombie Woody Allen). In other words, RIP Jess and Sam, but not quite yet, because he heroically shows up to the Halloween party after all, albeit in a half-assed costume (he sports a suit with just a clown nose). Let's not forget Nick Miller's “Bee Arthur” costume, and Shelby's punny “Reigning Cats and Dogs” costume, either.


"That '70s Show": Kitty & Red

For some reason, Fez seems to be the only one in the gang that dresses up for Halloween (let's all take a moment to acknowledge his impressive portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Still, flashbacks in the “Halloween” episode show Kitty and Red Foreman’s couples costume from the first time they celebrated the holiday in their house. Kitty, fittingly, is a cat, and Red is Zorro. The best part? Kitty gets a phone call from her doctor during this flashback, and finds out she’s pregnant with Red’s baby (Eric).

"Glee": Rachel & Finn

Speaking of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, thank goodness that's what Will chose for the annual school musical because the glee club’s take on the cult classic is nothing short of legendary. Naturally, co-captains Finn and Rachel were cast as the leads, Brad and Janet. And their take on the bespectacled hero and cardigan-clad heroine definitely didn’t disappoint. Finn took his role so seriously that he struts through the high school hallways in his underwear in order to get more comfortable with his costume (which ultimately gets him in quite a bit of trouble with Principal Figgins).


"You're The Worst" — Edgar & Dorothy

If you’ve never seen the Hulu series You’re The Worst, it’s important to know that Dorothy Durwood is the love interest of Edgar Quintero, who meets her while participating in an improv comedy troupe that plays a role in his PTSD therapy.

Considering their unique meet-cute, their couples costume in the episode “Spooky Sunday Funday” kind of makes sense — Edgar dresses up as Pauly D (AKA “The Situation"), and Dorothy dresses up as a bearded Steven Spielberg. I truly don’t think I could have chosen more perfectly quirky costumes for their unusual love story.


"Friends": Chandler & Monica

If you haven’t seen “The One With The Halloween Party” in a while (or at all), let me jog your memory: Monica and Chandler throw a party, at which Ross’ attempt at “Spud-nik” (a play on words combining a potato and a famous Russian satellite) is a hilarious costume fail.

But the hosts make a delightful duo as per usual, with Monica as a killer Catwoman and Chandler in a ridiculous pink bunny costume. The best part? Monica intended to buy him a get-up that would pay homage to his favorite childhood book, "The Velveteen Rabbit," but she couldn’t find a brown costume, so basically no one is able to tell who Chandler is supposed to be (a classic Bing dilemma).


"Bob's Burgers": Bob & Linda

Most of us have been there — either due to a lack of time or funds, sheer laziness, or fear of embarrassment, you opt not to dress up for Halloween, and end up sticking out like a sore thumb amidst a costume-clad party (#woof). That’s what makes this episode of Bob’s Burgers so relatable. When Bob and Linda Belcher shows up to their friend’s bash, Bob is the only one not in costume (Linda is dressed as a mermaid). Fortunately, Teddy saves the day by pulling out a fat suit from his closet, and voilà — Bob is a sumo wrestler.


"Dawson's Creek": Audrey and Pacey

Things don’t go so well for Audrey and Pacey in the episode “Living Dead Girl.” Not only do they leave Todd and Dawson’s blow-out Halloween party separately, but they discuss potentially breaking up. Regardless, the couple’s Sid and Nancy costumes definitely steal the spotlight at the movie set shindig. So there’s that.

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"The Big Bang Theory": Raj & Anu

Between Bernadette and Howard’s portrayal of Mary Poppins and Bert, and Sheldon and Amy’s take on Doc Brown and Clara from Back to the Future III, the sixth season’s final episode of The Big Bang Theory was packed with unforgettable costumes. But Raj and his new fiancé, Anu definitely steal the show. Raj dresses up as Kooth Bader Ginsburg (a clever twist on Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that incorporates Raj’s last name, Koothrappali), and Anu provides the perfect partner-in-crime as the Bill of Rights. Now there’s a couple's costume that’s both creative and culturally relevant.

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"Stranger Things": Steve & Nancy

The Halloween party depicted in the episode “Trick or Treat, Freak” is jam-packed with ‘80s nostalgia, with costumes ranging from “Billy Jean” era Michael Jackson, Cobra Kai from The Karate Kid, the Ghostbusters gang, Wonder Woman, and John Belushi from Animal House. But power-couple Steve and Nancy are particularly hard to miss as Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay's characters from Risky Business.


"How I Met Your Mother": Marshall, Lily, & Ted

Who says a couple's costume can’t include a single friend? Lily and Marshall won Halloween once again in the episode “The Stinson Missile Crisis” with their precious Lady and the Tramp costume, for which they portrayed the pooches and Ted dressed up as the spaghetti and meatball dinner they share. How’s that for third wheelin’ it?