What 20 TV Couples Wore On Halloween, Because Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

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There are lots of reasons to get fired up as Oct. 31 approaches, like having an excuse to stuff your face with candy and watch horror flicks, and plotting out the costume you’ll flaunt all over the ‘Gram, to name a few. But TBH, one of my personal favorites is the Halloween-themed TV episodes that tend to air around this holiday. Who doesn’t love to see their favorite characters go to epic costume parties and navigate spooky dilemmas? Best of all, by observing what TV couples wore on Halloween, you and your boo might get some phenomenal ideas — you know, the kind that racks up those likes (#nofilterneeded).

Halloween inspiration can come from anywhere, but pop culture is obviously a treasure trove of ideas. Case in point: Jessica Day’s darling Ramona Quimby costume on New Girl, Haley’s sexy Mother Theresa costume on Modern Family (still lol’ing over that one), or Phoebe’s Supergirl costume on Friends. So basically, there’s no reason to agonize over coming up with an elaborate idea for you and bae this year. Because fortunately, your fave fictional characters have already done that for you.

Rather than scouring Pinterest or aimlessly Googling ideas, take a cue from these TV characters, who crushed it with their couple's costumes.

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