Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Body Language At Trooping The Colour Proves They're A Team

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Did you think royal fever was over just because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot? Welp, you were wrong, because my obsession with this (literally) regal duo, if anything, has grown. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a fairytale love story, and it doesn't get any more storybook than these two. So, of course, when they made an appearance at Trooping of the Colour, I was excited to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's body language after the honeymoon. Would they have settled into their roles? Are they more in love than ever? Or are they over being in the spotlight? To get some real insight into how this couple is faring at this latest event, I reached out to body language expert Blanca Cobb to ask what she can glean about my fave royal couple. (Sorry, Kate and William!)

Just for some context, the Trooping of the Colour is an annual parade that combines the annual summer military march and the Queen's unofficial birthday. While her birthday is actually in April, she celebrates that privately, whereas the march is her public celebration. During the parade, the Queen inspects her troops and the royal family makes its appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. There is a ton of pageantry and tradition wrapped up in this event, plus it gives us a chance to see the newlyweds interacting together and with the whole family.

So, how did Meghan and Harry fare? Here's what Cobb sees.

Harry is very loving and attentive.
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When the royals are making public appearances, they are expected to maintain a high standard of decorum and can’t be as relaxed or casual as they might like to be. Still, Cobb sees a couple that is naturally very loving, and Harry is very attentive to the feelings of his new bride.

“You can see that Harry leans toward Meghan with his left shoulder to get a little closer to her as he checks in and has a little chat,” Cobb tells Elite Daily. She also sees that the Prince is still very much in the honeymoon phase with his bride. “You get the impression that he’s sweeping her face with his eyes. All loving gestures,” says Cobb.

Their connection is strong.
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It’s the small gestures that speak volumes to Cobb, and in this video she points to a moment between the couple at the 1:32 mark, when the two of them share a brief exchange.

“Harry looks over at and leans toward Meghan to chat with her,” describes Cobb. While most might miss this seemingly small expression, Cobb recognizes it as a sign of a couple that is deeply connected. “It’s a great sign that Prince Harry looks into his wife’s eyes as he’s talking with her,” says Cobb. She adds, “Through eye contact, you express your feelings.”

Harry looks out for Meghan.
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As you might imagine, an event like this could be really intimidating to someone like Meghan who did not grow up accustomed to this level of attention and scrutiny. Fortunately, she has a partner in Harry, who she can lean on and who is keenly aware of her feelings in this moment. As evidence of this fact, Cobb points to the direction Harry turns his body.

“Harry turns his shoulders toward Meghan and he leans forward slightly to get closer to her,” she notes. Cobb explains the motivation is that “getting physically closer allows him to see her face better and read any emotional distress.” It’s his way of staying in tune with his wife and offering support when it’s needed.

Meghan and Harry are a solid team.
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All in all, Cobb thinks these two are a united front. They are both emotionally and physically connected and supporting of one another — particularly Harry, who repeatedly makes gestures of support to Meghan, helping her to feel comfortable and not alone. Cobb points to a telling moment in the video at the 3:53 mark where Harry leans in closer as the loud planes fly overhead, which Cobb says is a loving gesture. “Also, this allows them to speak softly with each other given all the loud noises of the planes and crowd of people,” says Cobb.

Cobb sees a couple that is in a really good and loving place. “Prince Harry and Meghan are adorable together. He’s incredibly loving and supportive of his new bride,” she says. But more importantly, she sees Harry is actively supportive of Meghan and wants her to feel welcome and safe in his world.

“Harry makes it a point to check on her. He’ll angle his body toward her and gets a little closer to provide both emotional and physical support,” Cobb says. “You can tell that directs his attention to Meghan’s face for a better read of how she’s feeling.” And Cobb sees that those efforts are working. “Getting accustomed to her new role can be quite daunting, and yet Meghan carries herself with confidence and sophistication,” she observes.

See? Just because the big wedding is over, doesn't mean we'll be getting over these two anytime soon. And if their closeness is any indication, Harry and Meghan are all about each other.

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