8 Lazy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Still Look Like You Spent All Year Planning

by Julia Guerra

Holiday procrastination is something I know all too well. Scouring the mall for Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve because I didn't check my list twice (or at all), baking Thanksgiving cookies the morning of, and pulling together lazy last-minute Halloween costumes just hours before a party is both a struggle and an art. Let me guess: You probably committed to a Halloween costume in July and told all your friends how awesome this year's get-up would be, just they wait. But in reality, you're stuck figuring something out just moments before any spooky festivities are scheduled to begin. Don't panic, friend -- you've got this.

Everyone knows that the best Halloween costumes are always the most creative ones, and luckily for all my fellow procrastinators out there, nothing sparks creativity quite like the grueling pressure of a ticking clock, am I right? Plus, leaving these types of things to the last minute ensures you'll save a few bucks, because who has time to fight their way through massive crowds of last-minute shoppers to only walk away with a stepped-on witch hat and dented bunny ears? Certainly not you.

If you're short on time, you're better off making due with what you have and DIY-ing your own costume in a hurry. Here are a few last-minute alternatives for quick, easy, super lazy Halloween costumes that'll require little to no effort on your end.

1. Shark Bite Victim

I bet you'll never underestimate the powers of a good hat again after witnessing this genius get-up.

Throw on your favorite bathing suit and cover-up combo, slip on a pair of flip flops, and there's really not much else to the shark victim motif. If you want to be a little extra, you can definitely spice things up with a few streaks of red lipstick around your forehead for a bloody effect.

Unfortunately, Apollo Box's knit is backordered, but you can snag another like this one from Amazon.

2. A Banana

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves Women's Banana Jumpsuit, $84, Tipsy Elves

Nothing says "I took the easy route" quite like a banana onesie, but I know a way you can one-up the standard suit.

Give the ensemble a nostalgic twist by channeling your inner Bananas in Pajamas and throwing your favorite jammies over the suit, and voila! Cozy and classic.

3. PMS

Lilly Singh

YouTuber Lilly Singh's last-minute Halloween costume video is obviously comedic, but she had her interpretation of PMS personified down to a T.

Double-fist a bottle of over-the-counter painkillers and your junk food of choice all night, and make sure to whine a little. Fake (or embrace) your mood swings, work up a good cry, and if you really want to get into character, don't even bother getting dressed up that day.

4. Dust Bunny


OK y'all, it's 2017, and I personally think it's high time we retire the raunchy bunny costume for something a little more creative.

This last-minute Halloween costume tutorial is full of super easy, super lazy ideas, but this one was hands down my favorite. Grab a duster from your stash of cleaning supplies, adorn a messy head of hair with a bunny ears headband, and you've already got Mean Girl Karen Smith beat.

5. Splitting Headache

Gory Halloween costumes don't have to be all blood and guts, you know.

The best thing about this costume is it'll cost you maybe $10 at the party store, and you can sneak it into your office briefcase if you're traveling straight from work to your soirée.

6. Team Player

Sports fanatics have it so easy on Halloween, and they don't even realize it.

If you're a loyal football, basketball, baseball, or hockey fan, chances are you have a jersey to prove it. Throw it on over a pair of skinny jeans or black leggings, lace up an old pair of sneakers, and grab some black lipstick to apply as war paint.

Also, make sure to grunt a little between conversations, high five everyone, and have a choreographed celebration dance ready to go for when you win a round of witches brew pong.

7. Nudist On Strike

This costume is beyond lazy, and I love every bit of it.

Make a wearable or picket sign to carry with you at the party or for trick-or-treating. I can almost guarantee you no one will question it.

8. A Mummy

Arianna Jonae

YouTuber Arianna Jonae dedicated this mummified ensemble to all those in search of a lazy AF last-minute costume.

Buy a roll or two of toilet paper, and get to wrapping! You don't have to worry too much about what you're wearing underneath the tissue; just make sure you can secure at least the majority of pieces so that you don't come undone on the dance floor.