Miles Heizer Weighs In On That '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Twist With Justin & Jessica


When it comes to endearing teenage romances, that of Alex and Jessica in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why wasn't the most beloved quasi-relationship on the show, especially once Zach and Hannah's secret fling was revealed. But after Jessica reunited with ex-boyfriend Justin at the end of the season, I know I'm definitely curious to see how Alex reacts to the new couple when the show returns for Season 3 in 2019. According to Miles Heizer, Justin and Jess' reunion in 13 Reasons Why Season 3 will understandably destroy Alex.

The media is still buzzing with the recent news about 13 Reasons Why's renewal, but before Season 3 was official, several cast members discussed their hopes for new episodes in interviews. Heizer, who plays Alex, was among them, telling Entertainment Tonight about the heartbreak he expects his character to experience in the then-unconfirmed Season 3. He said:

Well, I think that he doesn't really know [about Jessica and Justin] yet, so I would imagine that... he'd feel a bit heartbroken. Hopefully we'll get to find out.

Alex's potential pain is predictable, as he spent the early half of Season 2 confiding in Jessica about his anxieties in recovering from his suicide attempt. Similarly, Jessica trusted Alex with the details of Bryce sexually assaulting her, but things between them grew complicated when Clay and Tony found a sickly Justin living on the streets and brought him to stay in the Jensens' home.

Given Season 2's cliffhanger ending and the possibility of next season beginning several months afterwards, it's tricky to assume how Alex may feel in new episodes, but Heizer hopes he'll be in a good place. He told ET:

I just hope that he's happy and figuring things out and not being too hard on himself ultimately. I think everyone’s always growing and changing and Alex certainly is and so hopefully, yeah, growing and becoming himself.

After Instagram accounts belonging to 13 Reasons Why characters appeared in the days leading up to the launch of Season 2, Alex's page became one of the more active ones. "Alex" even posted a "live" Instagram Story announcing his return to school, which other characters commented on via their own accounts. The page has become silent once again, sans for a recent picture of a memorial drawing for Hannah. If Netflix decides to try this social media strategy again before Season 3, maybe we can check in on Alex and Jessica's status via their posts.

Meanwhile, Season 3 will veer away from previous seasons' focus on Hannah, and Katherine Langford will apparently not return for more of Clay's disturbing visions or other characters' mind-blowing flashbacks. With the show's original source material of Jay Asher's bestselling book far in the past, the upcoming season has endless possibilities, but Heizer thinks Langford won't be easily forgotten, saying:

I think there's always a place for her in this show. It kind of started with her and she plays such a big part, even when she's not in the show, we're still kind of handling her story — a lot of us — and so I think there's always room for her to be there. Whether she is or not, I have no idea, but, you know, I’d love to see her back always. I love Katherine.

Seeing as Netflix has given no word about when in 2019 the show will return, Heizer will have plenty of time to read up on fan theories about Alex's future. After watching the character's dynamic with Zach in Season 2, many fans are now shipping Alex and Zach together, which would definitely be an interesting twist if Season 3 gives the people what they seem to want. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for any clues about what's to come on 13 Reasons Why.