Jess & Alex From '13 Reasons Why' Shared A FaceTime On Twitter & I Can't Handle It


Recently, 13 Reasons Why has solidified itself as the teen show by using its characters' social media accounts to promote the impending arrival of Season 2. Just as any cell phone-wielding teenager's online presence hints about their IRL situations, certain characters' Instagram accounts are thriving with clues about how the new season will begin. The 13 Reasons Why Twitter account has finally jumped in on the foreshadowing by delivering fans with a cute but slightly ominous moment between one of the show's onetime couples. Jess and Alex from 13 Reasons Why shared a FaceTime on Twitter, and I'm dying over what this means for their relationship.

In Season 1, the two were initially dating, ruining their friendships with Hannah in the process, but they broke up when Jessica refused to have sex with Alex. However, seeing as Alex wasn't clear about his reasons for the breakup, Jessica assumed he was cheating on her with Hannah. As the season continued, Jessica ended up dating Justin, but his role in Bryce's rape of Jessica led to her insisting that she never wanted to see him again.

All of that relationship drama was pretty heavy for Jess, but given that she's been tagged in a few recent posts on Alex's Instagram page, it looks like the two are rekindling their friendship just in time for the kickoff of Season 2. The brief FaceTime call between them only seems to confirm that they've become each other's rocks in the aftermath of Alex shooting himself and seemingly recovering in the hospital. Aw, young love is strong, guys!

In the video, Alex speaks to Jessica about how they're finally returning to school. While he seems optimistic about it, Jessica looks more distraught, telling him, "You sound more excited than you should." Alex jokes that he'll break the door down with his cane, which was first revealed on the character's Instagram as his "new wheels." The cane is seemingly a result of his gunshot wound, but as Alex shot himself in the head, fans have speculated that he caused brain damage, which would explain him needing help with walking. Doctors are more credible to talk about the likelihood of being fairly OK after a shot to the head than I am, but perhaps such an injury explains Alex's positive attitude about going back to school.

Meanwhile, the majority of the characters' Instagram accounts are still private, but Jessica's page has officially become public, joining the ranks of Alex and Hannah, whose last post was the same date as Season 1's launch on Netflix. It seems that 13 Reasons Why is slowly setting the characters' accounts to public one by one — maybe in order of whose story is visited first in Season 2? The show definitely hasn't hidden the fact that Alex survives his shooting, so it would make sense that his page became public first and his love interest's account soon followed.

So far, Jessica's account isn't as mind-blowing as Alex's is, but there are already signs of low-key flirting between them in photos and their comments. In a photo from two days ago, Jess posted a picture of her bedroom, writing, "Can't stay in here forever I guess."

Alex then commented on the photo, saying, "You and me both."

Jessica Davis Instagram

A photo from the following day shows a lakeside view, but Alex's account is tagged in it. This totally means that he and Jess were alone together for a romantic walk along the shore, right?

Thanks to the release of Selena Gomez's "Back To You" music video, we now know that Justin will reach out to Jessica again in Season 2, hinting that Jess and Alex's road to happiness won't be as immediate as their Instagram photos suggest. Given the suddenness in which characters' Instagrams are going public, it's hard to align the timing of their posts with the show's actual timeline, but I have my fingers crossed for Jessica and Alex to reunite early on in the new season.

The status of their relationship will finally be clear when Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why debuts on Netflix on Friday, May 18. Until then, I'll be refreshing Jessica's Instagram until I see a picture of her cuddling with Alex.