Wet N Wild's Fantasy Makers Collection Is All You Need For The Most Boo-tiful Halloween Look

Halloween-lovers, are you ready? October is fast approaching, and wet n wild's Fantasy Makers Collection is here to ensure you have everything you need to create the sparkliest, spookiest, most stunning makeup looks to accompany your costumes. With over 80 new products and shades, the lineup no doubt features a product or two you could really use to enhance your look — and since nothing costs over $6, you can feel virtually guilt-free if you go all in and pick up more than a few things. I'm not judging you.

First up in the collection are the Color Icon blushes, and there are shades to suit the girliest, brightest looks, as well as full-on grungy, zombie vibes. The Color Icon Shade Shifting Blush in "Zombie Blush" ($6, is a unique dark duochrome shade, sold at Ulta, CVS, and the brand's own website. The two more cheerful blushes are the pastel "Unicorn Glow," available at Walmart and on the brand's site, as well as brighter rainbow "Moonstone Mystique," available at all retailers.

If you haven't tried the brand's MegaGlo Highlighting Powders ($5, yet, you're really missing out, as they're some of the most pigmented, long-lasting highlighters at the drugstore. However, you now have the option to opt for much spookier shades than the originals, thanks to four new colors: "If You've Got It, Haunt It" is a pretty pink, "Moonlit Gleam" is a green-toned gold, "Not Your Basic Witch" is a pearlescent black, and "Caught in Your Web" is a pearly white. All four are available at Walmart and on the brand's website.

wet n wild

Moving on to lips, the brand has a myraid of different options this year, starting with five shades of the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick ($5,

wet n wild

Each metallic shade is available at all retailers — and as a bonus, quite a few are vegan. "Pink Your Poison," "Shady Witch," and "Emerald Envy" all boast vegan formulas, so even more beauty-lovers can indulge in these fun colors.

If metallics aren't your thing, there are five MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks ($5, to choose from as well, featuring a muted, moody range of shades.

wet n wild

All five colors are vegan and sold at all retailers, so you can pick your poison!

At just $2, the MegaLast Lip Colors ($2, are definitely worth stocking up on, especially if your costume requires quite a few different shades.

wet n wild

All eight shades are vegan and sold at all wet n wild retailers. I'll be picking up "Immortal Tears" and "Unicorn Soul" for year-round use, FYI.

Next up are the eyes, and this year, the brand is launching a whopping nine new shades of their powerful Color Icon Loose Pigments ($4, These are some of my favorite drugstore pigments, and they deliver extra impact if you wet your brush with a setting spray before packing them onto the lid.

wet n wild

Every shade is available at all retailers, and "Dragon's Breath," "Spellbound," "You're My Boo," and "Celtic Glow" are all vegan.

What about lashes, you ask? We've got options, people! The Color Blast Colored Mascara ($4, comes in four fun, vibrant shades, available at all retailers.

wet n wild

And to contrast those colored lashes, might I suggest a different shade for your liner? Any of the MegaLiner Metallic Liquid Eyeliners ($4, will deliver some serious impact.

wet n wild

"Wicked White" is the only shade with a vegan formula, and while the rest are available at all retailers, "Electric Blue Moon," "Later Witches," and "Cauldron Metal" are exclusive to Walmart and the brand's website.

Need an all-in-one product for some serious artistry? The Multistick Body Crayons ($3, are exactly what you're looking for.

wet n wild

For these crayon sticks, every shade but Fuchsia has a vegan formula. "Black," "Red," "White," "Pearl," "Bronze," and "Green" are available at all retailers, while "Blue," "Lilac," "Orange," "Yellow," "Pink," "Fuchsia," and "Peach" are exclusive to Walmart and the brand's website. "Purple" is available at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and the brand's website.

Say you're doing a look that requires covering quite a bit of skin in pigment? The Painters Palettes ($6 each, are without a doubt worth stocking up on. With six shades per palette, you get a ton of bang for your buck.

wet n wild

A super creamy formula makes all four palettes especially blendable and easy to apply — plus, all four are available at all wet n wild retailers, so they'll be easy to snag, should you end up needing a few for multiple costumes.

Maybe your look is focused less on paint and more on glitter? Oh, honey, they've got you covered, too, natch. The Glitter Palettes ($4 each, are all you could ask for, plus more.

wet n wild

Available at all retailers, these glitters are suspended in a cream base, so you won't have to worry about discomfort or fallout. I'm thinking "Ethereal" would be perfect for a fairy or mermaid moment, while "Neutrals" would make for some glam camouflage or jungle cat vibes.

Maybe you're going all out (sugar skull, skeleton, even a zebra, perhaps?) and just need a starting point — the Paint Pot ($3 is the ideal base for exactly that.

wet n wild

The vegan formulas are available at all retailers, and are creamy and buildable, making them the perfect first step upon which to create your masterpiece.

Maybe you've splurged on all the above, but now you're not sure exactly what to make with them? I highly recommend picking up some of the Face & Body Stencils ($2, to help you brainstorm your costume right down to the details.

wet n wild

If you're not artistically inclined, stencils make creating the shapes you need a total breeze. "Catwalk Zombie," "Mystic Mermaid," "Intergalactic Unicorn," and "Vine Vixen" are available at all retailers, while "Psychedelic Spectrum Skull is exclusive to Walgreens and the brand's site, and Dragon Queen is exclusive to Walmart and the brand's site.

So you've created your masterpiece, and now, it just needs the finishing touch. What to do? How about throwing on a few of the Face Gems ($3, to really complete the look.


$3 is a fair price to pay for 42 gemstones in varying shades and sizes, wouldn't you say? "Diamonds Are A Ghoul's Best Friend" and "Treat Yo' Self" are available at all retailers, while "Creep It Real" is exclusive to Walmart and the brand's website.

Basically, wet n wild have gone above and beyond blessing us with this enormous collection, so we have no excuse to deliver anything less than incredible, hauntingly good lewks this Halloween. Let's get to it, ghouls!