6 Halloween Costumes With Only Makeup & Clothes From Your Closet

I do this every year: I start thinking about my Halloween costume by June (at least) and I come up with some really good ideas. But before I know it, it's September and I've already forgotten what I wanted to dress up as. And it always ends days before Halloween when I throw together something at the last minute hours before a friend's costume party. Because old habits die hard, I've decided to peruse Pinterest for the best ways to create Halloween costumes with only makeup the next time I find myself scrambling at the last minute. My vanity drawers are stuffed with all the makeup I need and surely I can find something hidden in the back of my closet, right?

But after falling down a rabbit hole of Halloween makeup looks on Pinterest, I realized these looks are less about settling for a last-minute costume (though they're great in a pinch) and more about letting your makeup take center stage (because they're that good). Scroll down for seven costumes you can recreate using a packed makeup bag and items you probably already have in your closet. And the best part is they still look good enough to win all those costume contests that you're sure to run into this year.

Lisa Frank Painting


The Makeup: Pay homage to the aesthetic of your entire childhood by creating an ombre contour with purple and orange eyeshadows. Fill in your eyebrows with a hot pink lipstick and paint on some leopard spots. Finish with an exaggerated cat eye.

The Outfit: If you're lucky enough to still have Lisa Frank clothes hidden in your closet, wear them! If not, a simple black dress would be great (one in velvet would literally be perfect!).



The Makeup: Who said you can't be the entire galaxy? Create an ombré effect by blending together shades of pink, blue and purple cream shadows with a makeup sponge, then use white eyeliner to create stars and constellations. Finally, dust a silver-toned highlighter across your entire face — it'll look like the moon is shining down on you all night.

The Outfit: Anything covered in a galaxy print would be a cute way to round out the theme (celestial leggings, t-shirts and socks all work great!), but a little black dress could work just as well.


The Makeup: The makeup looks you can create with a unicorn in mind are endless. Create a pink contour, draw on a rainbow cat eye, stick on some rhinestones, dust yourself in glitter — anything goes.

The Outfit: Pair your colorful makeup look with a white outfit and a shiny unicorn horn.



The Makeup: Slip a fishnet sock over your head and apply a metallic blue and purple eye shadows over the net to create a scale pattern. Remove the sock and embellish your look with glitter, rhinestones, seashells, anything. Finish with a colorful lip and eyeliner. Extra points for colorful hair or a mermaid-inspired wig.

The Outfit: There's literally no better time to wear a mermaid skirt. To complete the look, throw on a sequined top and pile on the costume jewels.

Mother Nature


The Makeup: I'm obsessed with this half-sun-half-moon makeup look! To get the look, paint one eye with a sun and add glitter for shine; paint a moon over the other eye and accent with star-shaped stickers. You can even try different colored contact lenses to add to the effect.

The Outfit: The makeup is too good to take the attention away with an over-the-top outfit. Pair it with a simple nude-colored or white dress.

Ice Queen


The Makeup: Now's your chance to pile on the glitter! To get this Ice Queen makeup look, mix white face paint with your go-to foundation to give your skin that frozen look. Pile on the silver-tone highlighter and break out the silver glitter. Finish with a halographic blue lipstick.

The Outfit: Anything light blue, white, silver sequined, glittery, or iridescent would work.