Wells Wished Sarah A Happy Birthday In The Naughtiest Way

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your fave Modern Family star just turned the big 3-0, and unsurprisingly, Wells Adams' birthday Instagram for Sarah Hyland is totally on-brand. On Nov. 24, the Bachelor Nation star took to IG to give his fiancée a shout-out on her big day, including a series of adorable pics. "Happy 30th birthday @sarahhyland!" he wrote. "Here's a bunch of pictures that make me very excited about the next 30! Especially the last one 😏I love you the moistest! Sorry, mostest! To Pluto and back!" The pic that made him moist — um, I mean, most excited: a thirst trap of Hyland lounging in a pink bikini.

This def isn't the first time these two have shown fans just how into each other they are. A month earlier, the two celebrated their three-year dating anniversary with cute tributes, with Hyland calling Adams "sugar balls" and Adams calling Hyland "sugar tits." A few months before that, the couple posted matching pics in honor of their postponed wedding day, and Adams joked about still getting to "grab a butt" even though they couldn't get hitched as planned. And even though I love to see it, my reaction to most of their couple's posts on IG still have me like 😳.

Hollywood's most loved-up couple often heat up each other's comments sections as well. After Hyland posted a seemingly-innocent Christmas pic of her and her boo in December 2019, Wells couldn't help but point out that the wolf on his Game of Thrones sweater appeared to be take a bite out of Hyland's bosom. "My dire wolf really loves breast meat apparently," he quipped. Hyland's response: "I apologize for there not being enough meat to feed your Wolf."

Then there was the time Hyland posted a pic of herself in the splits in August 2019 while preparing for her upcoming movie, The Wedding Year, and Wells slid into her comments section to write, "I think your hip is broken." Her response: "Hmm, I wonder why 😏," which she quickly followed up with, "Was that too much? 😂." You two are never too much for me.

And let's not forget when Hyland shared a sultry pic of herself in a bikini on her 28th birthday two years ago, which she captioned, "27. You were amazing. 28. Whatcha got for me?" And Wells, of course, came prepared with an answer. "Ummmm. I got something for ya," he replied, and ummmm, I'm actually blushing.

It's still not clear when these two are finally going to tie the knot, but when they do, I have a feeling they're not going to hold back when it's time for their first kiss as husband and wife. Keeping being cute, you lovebirds.