Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's Christmas Instagram got NSWF

Wells & Sarah's Christmas Photo Took A Strangely Sexy Turn


The union of Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland is a gift that just keeps on giving, and this Christmas, these two definitely delivered. Weirdly, I never received a holiday card from them this year (I guess it got lost in the mail?), but Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's Christmas Instagram was basically the next best thing. On Dec. 26, the Modern Family star shared a precious pic of her and her Bachelor alum fiancé posing in front of a Christmas tree, and while it all looked perfectly innocent, Adams' comment on the pic was far more naughty than nice.

In the photo, Hyland is rocking a pair of gingham antlers and a little black dress, while Adams is looking festive in his Game of Thrones sweater. "Third Christmas with you but first one engaged," she captioned the pic. "You'd think we'd know how to take a proper picture at this point." And while there probably wasn't any impropriety intended, Adams couldn't help but point out that the dire wolf on his sweater appeared to be snacking on Hyland's décolletage. "My dire wolf really loves breast meat apparently," he quipped. Hyland's response: "I apologize for there not being enough meat to feed your Wolf."

This isn't the first time these two have gotten a little naughty in the Instagram comments section. No matter what they post, the other one always seemed to have a sexy zinger prepared, and I truly feel blessed to be a spectator. For instance, remember back in August 2019, when Hyland posted an impressively flexy snapshot from a dance rehearsal for her forthcoming movie, The Wedding Year? That post took a hilariously NSFW turn when Adams commented, "I think your hip is broken," to which Hyland replied, "Hmm, I wonder why," and then quickly followed that up with, "Was that too much?" Raunchy!

There was also that time in November 2018 when Hyland posted a sexy swimsuit shot on her 28th birthday, which she captioned, "27. You were amazing. 28. Whatcha got for me?" Adams' cheeky response was, "Ummmm. I got something for ya," and ummmm, now I'm blushing.

These two are perfect together, and I seriously can't wait for their upcoming nuptials. Here's hoping my wedding invite doesn't get lost in the mail like my Christmas card from them did.