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Vrbo's Travel Trends For 2020 Are Here & Your Next Trip Awaits

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When you imagine "paradise," you may picture palm trees, white sand beaches, and coconut-flavored smoothies. But Vrbo's 2020 travel trends are here and may expand your vision of paradise to include bustling cities and cool towns across the globe. After all, if traveling has taught you anything, it's to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected.

Of course, the trips you've already been on are irreplaceable. They brought you to some of the most beautiful beaches and into the sweetest cafés with your best friends. They may have also given you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Now, since Vrbo's 2020 travel trends have been revealed, you're looking forward to stretching your imagination and wanderlust even more in the new year. Paradise awaits in all different forms.

According to the official press release from Vrbo, the site made for booking vacation rentals around the world, there are specific types of trends to look out for in 2020. First is a growing popularity of "same-city stays." The Vrbo report reveals, as travelers welcome their loved ones to their city or hometown, or celebrate special occasions, they're booking properties that don't require buying plane tickets. They're finding the beauty and sights in their own surroundings, and choosing to travel within where they live.


Vrbo came across this trend by analyzing the rental demand data for U.S. cities. It found that in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Dallas, most travelers who are booking accommodations in those areas originate from the same areas. However, this trend isn't stopping travelers from venturing outside the country to Portugal, where you can swoon over the stunning architecture and breathe in the salty, fresh air.

Vrbo notes in the press release that out of the five spots on their list of the hottest beach destinations for American travelers in 2020, beaches in Portugal take the cake. Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, and Lisbon are listed second, third, and fourth respectively, making them prime destinations to add to your bucket list.

Additionally, Vrbo took a look at the quickest-growing vacation destinations in the United State for the new year, and found five unique spots that are worth packing your bags for. These include: Terlingua, Texas; Bella Vista, Arkansas; Westport, Washington; Cherry Log, Georgia; and Edisto Island, South Carolina.

Terlingua is a short drive from Big Bend National Park, where you can go stargazing or horseback riding. And Westport has access to the Pacific Ocean and can be a great spot to stop on a longer road trip along the West Coast. If any of these places weren't on your radar before, then you'll want to take a look into them a bit and the awesome excursions they have to offer.

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