Buckingham Palace lights up as the sun sets in London, England.

You Can Virtually Tour Buckingham Palace, Plus 3 Other Royal Homes Online RN

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Have you ever daydreamed of being one of the royals? Did you wake up super early to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in the peak of spring, or catch a flight to London to study abroad? If you answered "yes," then it's about time you virtually tour Buckingham Palace, and a few other royal homes.

This ~experience~ exists and it's well-worth having from the comfort of you couch. After all, you normally have to purchase tickets to see the lavish rooms, incredible windows, and massive paintings of these kinds of residences. Without a pair of glasses, you may not be able to see the intricate design of the golden railing or the brushstrokes in the iconic pieces of art. The large number of tourists surrounding the sights may make it hard to have this unique experience, too.

But thanks to virtual tours like this one, you can explore the place where the Queen of England resides, while hanging out on your couch or snuggling into your blankets. With a few clicks, you can see the red carpeting and white and gold walls you may or may not have seen in person before. So, how can you tour Buckingham Palace and other royal places virtually? Grab your crown and then let's get into it.


Like the stunning national parks around the world and some of the most famous museums, like the Louvre and Uffizi Gallery, Buckingham Palace is available for touring online. Simply open up your browser and head to Google, and search "virtual tour of Buckingham Palace." You'll be guided to a website dedicated to all things royal (Need to brush up on the royal family members? This is the place to do so.) and prompted to click on a few virtual tours. Currently, you can tour the Grand Staircase, the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room, and the Blue Drawing Room. In order to go between the different rooms, simply click (or tap) on the pictures at the bottom of the interactive screen.

Once you've decided on a room to explore, you can zoom in and out on the architecture, paintings, walls, furniture, or windows, and drag your cursor to give you different #views. Don't miss out on anything, and be sure to drag your cursor toward the ceiling for a stunning glance at the London sky when you're touring the Grand Staircase, in particular. Also be sure to hit the little information buttons that'll put some knowledge and perspective behind what you're looking at.

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When you're finished touring Buckingham Palace, then set your sights on Windsor Castle. This is where the Queen spends her weekends, according to, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said, "I do." You'll definitely want to take a virtual tour of Windsor Castle to get a taste of what this residence is like IRL, and see the extravagant rooms that are decorated for royal dinners.

The tour includes a look at a traditional State Banquet in St. George's Hall, complete with tall candles and fancy bouquets of flowers. From there, you can click into the Waterloo Chamber and Crimson Drawing Room. You'll notice that every room is decked out in lavish decor that's made for royalty and reminiscent of The Princess Diaries movies.

Of course, if after touring these two lovely residences, you're still in a #royal mood, you can virtually tour the Palace of Versailles in Paris via Google, as well as Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Walk down the famous Hall of Mirrors or grab a couple screenshots of a historic fortress that's worthy of being on any traveler's bucket list. Then, toss your crown to your bestie and give them a turn with your laptop and these luxe tours.