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These Hotel Live Streams Will Bring Paradise To Your Laptop Screen

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When your wanderlust is put on hold, you may try to stay off of a hotel's website or airline's app. Scrolling through the dreamy packages and pics of luxe pools may make you feel like you're missing out on the world and all its experiences. Don't fret. Those experiences will be waiting for you when it's the right time to chase after your wanderlust again. Until then, these hotel live streams will bring you a little closer to paradise.

While you're lounging on your couch in a pair of sweatpants or chilling with your laptop in between Zoom meetings, these hotels and their live streams will give you a taste of the beach or skyline of a bustling city. If you open another tab in your browser, they'll give you the ability to click back and forth between hefty assignments and relaxing #views. In those moments when you wish you were sticking your toes in the sand instead of watching summer movies or dialing into a conference call, they'll be a sweet reminder that better days are coming.

Not to mention, these hotel live streams may give you some inspo as to where you want to travel when the world is ready for you to do so. Start exploring a virtual version of paradise by simply loading the live streams on your laptop or computer from a countless number of hotels.

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There are hotels from all around the world bringing this unique kind of experience to their guests. Some are based along the coast of California like the Malibu Beach Inn — which is currently showing visitors an epic view of the nearby pier, complete with seagulls and local surfers. Others take you across the pond to Jerusalem, Israel, where the The Inbal is a prime destination for watching a sunset cover the city in a warm shade of gold. It's up to you to pick a destination you want to explore from the comfort of your couch.

According to Travel + Leisure, other resorts you can check out include: Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California; Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California; and Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa in St. Barths. Each of the streams will soothe your soul, giving you salty waves to listen to, or boats to gaze at while you're sending out emails to clients.

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If you want to expand your horizons beyond that list, though, consider checking out the live stream from Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort in Costa Rica. This live stream is perfectly angled at the beach, which is lined with epic mountains. It'll be hard to look at it and not feel an overwhelming sense of calmness. Your eyes may even draw toward the shadow the palm tree in the corner.

Seven Stars Resort & Spa in Turks and Caicos has a live stream, too, and it shows the beach at a higher angle, so you can see a full spread of palm trees. In this live stream you can spot a volleyball court and some closed umbrellas. All in all, it's pretty peaceful and serene.

Last but not least, if you're more of a city traveler, then tune into the live stream from London Hilton on Park Lane. This stream brings the skyline of London to your laptop screen, no matter what time of the day it is. If you're done with work for the day, pour yourself a glass of wine and log into this live stream before having a virtual happy hour with your BFFs. It'll make you feel closer to the paradises that are sprinkled throughout the world.