This New Fitness Program Helps You Get Stronger In Both Body & Mind In Just 21 Minutes

by Julia Guerra

Fitness isn’t one-program-fits-all. Going down the rabbit hole of social media’s #fitgirl influencers, maybe the accounts you see aren’t promoting anything that really meshes with who you are and your interests. This isn’t an omen that working out isn’t for you. Exercise is for anyone, any strength, any physique — though, trust me, I can definitely relate to feeling like a fish out of water lying on a benchpress, or going through the motions of cat-cow. But fitness isn’t always about lifting heavy or meeting a very specific aesthetic, and Juliet Kaska’s Move For You Method program with Vionic is here to remind you of that.

Now that New Year’s has come and gone, and 2019 is already up and running, maybe that goal you set to exercise more often hasn’t exactly panned out. If that’s the case, first things first, it’s totally fine. As much as I love committing to new goals on Jan. 1, I’m also a firm believer that the holiday shouldn’t have a monopoly over when you can and can’t set goals for yourself. Plus, fitness is a journey, and finding what sticks is a process, so if you haven’t found a routine you genuinely look forward to each day, I’m thinking Kaska’s new program might change that.

In case you aren’t familiar with Kaska’s work, allow me to make a proper introduction: Juliet Kaska is a celebrity trainer, and her resume boasts sessions with names like Kerry Washington, Ali Larter, Pink, and more. She’s also a partner of the orthopedic footwear brand Vionic, a collaboration she says came about organically.

“I am a real, true believer of the brand,” the former ballerina tells me in an exclusive interview with Elite Daily. “When I am teaching at my studio, you can usually find me in one of three pairs of Vionic shoes: sneakers, flips flops, or house slippers.”

Kaska first teamed up with Dr. Andrew Weil, a doctor of integrative medicine, and Vionic way back when, and after chatting about the importance of correct supportive footwear, and how someone could “strengthen their foot through some simple exercises,” the relationship between them grew, leading Kaska to join the ranks of Vioinic’s Innovation Lab. Fast-forward to Jan. 10, 2019, and Kaska and Vionic have officially launched their Move For You program, a series of three, seven-minute videos targeting the three C's: cardio, core, and calm.


Admit it: You had to do a double take when you read over that little “seven-minute” detail. Trust me, that wasn’t a typo on my end, and the idea to create short, condensed workouts was actually Kaska’s plan all along. In total, Move for You’s entire program will only take 21 minutes out of your day, and if, for any reason, you only have 10 minutes, Kaska’s got you covered with three to spare.

“People's number one excuse why they don't work out or why they stopped working out is TIME,” the fitness expert explains when I ask why each video is only seven minutes long. “So I wanted it to be short; breaking it into three segments that can be done together or apart makes it accessible. Everyone I believe can find seven minutes.”

Allow me to clarify, however, that just because these seven-minute segments are short, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fierce. If you do decide to get all three segments done in one go, Kaska says it’ll feel “like a sneak attack workout” by the end of it all. “You won't know what hit you or when it happened,” she tells me.


Kaska assures me that 21 minutes is definitely enough time to work out in a day and see results over time, but aesthetic isn’t really the main focus here. Yes, the Move For You program includes a cardio workout that’ll kick your butt, and core work to strengthen your midsection, but the third component of the program, “calm,” is really what ties everything together, and also what sets this program apart from other mainstream workouts.

“The calm segment is my dessert, it feels so good in the body and the mind,” Kaska says, because most of the time, you probably don’t even realize you haven’t stopped once throughout the day to just breathe, she explains. “When anyone actually becomes aware of their breath, they can immediately calm their nervous system down.”

Through a mix of cardio, core, and meditation practices, Move For You is meant to be a base model for your fitness. It's free, no equipment is required to go through the moves, but if you want to add a little more, Kaska says you can bring weights into the equation wherever you’d like. Not to mention, all three videos can be done interchangeably, and performed virtually anywhere, at any time that make sense for your schedule.

Fitness is personal, and workout programs should be designed so that it stays that way. “What I hope is that people are able to [try] Move for You and then get inspired to take on more over time,” Kaska tells Elite Daily. “Working out and health is not a destination," she adds, "it is a continuous practice.”