Try These 7 Home Workouts When You're Short On Time & Can't Make It To The Gym

by Georgina Berbari
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Maintaining a consistent fitness routine is all about working around your own schedule, and making time for movement that you enjoy within your busy day-to-day. Sometimes, an hour-long trip to the gym or your favorite fitness studio just isn't in the cards, but that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel and totally give up on any sort of movement for the day. As long as you have a few quick home workouts in your back pocket that you can turn to on those days when you're super short on time, a regular workout routine doesn't have to be so ridiculously impossible to master.

When it comes to fitness, it can be all to easy to fall into that all-or-nothing mentality, but as with most things in life, finding balance is key. Sure, you'll be able to fit in those lengthy workouts some days, but when your to-do list is miles long, opting for those mini versions of your favorite exercises will help you stay on track and keep you dedicated to the movement you love most.

Rest assured, there are plenty of workouts that don't require a trip to the gym or even fancy equipment — and they can be done in 20 minutes or less to accommodate that busy schedule of yours. Here are seven ways to challenge your body at home when you don't have a ton of time, but still want to get your sweat on.

A 15-Minute, Beginner-Friendly Sweat Sesh
POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube

If you're just starting out on your fitness journey, all of the quick, high-intensity workouts out there might seem really intimidating. However, this beginner-friendly, 15-minute sweat sesh will help you squeeze in your workout without having things get complicated.

From chair squats to leg lifts, you'll feel the burn in no time, girl.

A 10-Minute Routine You Can Do In Front Of The TV
womensworkoutchannel on YouTube

You might think it's necessary to hit the gym to get a strong core, but this 10-minute workout will prove you wrong in the best way possible, my friend.

Pop this video on while you're catching up on your favorite Netflix shows, and you might not even notice how hard these moves actually are — well, maybe, but no promises. Seriously though, who knew you could so much in such a short amount of time?

A Speedy, Six-Minute Workout For Your Upper Body
FitnessBlender on YouTube

If your goal is to build your upper-body strength, but you know you don't have time to wait your turn at the weight rack, this home workout is sure to be your go-to routine.

TBH, six minutes sounds like it should be a walk in the park, but this just might be the longest six minutes of your life — if you're up to the challenge, that is.

Boxing Brought Right To Your Living Room
POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube

This workout is especially great for those long-*ss days that make you want to rip your hair out by the time you get home.

Take just 15 minutes of your day to get all that anger out, and you'll feel like a new (and probably very sweaty) woman by the time you're done.

A Quick HIIT Challenge That'll Be Over Before You Know It
ICON UK on YouTube

I'll admit, high-intensity interval training isn't exactly something you look forward to doing, but hey, seven minutes goes by quick, right?

Fair warning: Once you start this video, you won't stop moving for the full seven minutes. It'll be a little brutal, yes, but by the time you finish, you'll feel so damn accomplished. Who even needs the gym when your very own bodyweight can do all the work for you?

A Rapid-Fire Pilates Workout
blogilates on YouTube

As much as you wish you had the time for a full, hour-long Pilates session, it might not be that realistic. There aren't enough hours in the day, nor are there enough dollars in your bank account to fund a legit studio class. But don't worry, because this 12-minute quickie will fulfill all your Pilates desires, my friend.

Roll out your mat, and bust some of your favorite moves to the upbeat and motivating instruction of fitness guru Cassey Ho's voice. Seriously, as long as you listen to her words of encouragement throughout the workout, you might forget about how much you loathe those roll-ups.

A Yoga Flow To Start Your Day On The Right Foot
Yoga With Tim on YouTube

Starting your day with some mindful movement is such an awesome game changer, but if you're like me, you don't have time for an hour-long flow first thing in the morning. If that's the case, this 15-minute vinyasa flow will set you up for the blissful day you deserve.

Open your hips, strengthen your arms, and get in a couple of minutes of meditation without even leaving your room.

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