These Home Workouts Will Be There For You When You're Just Too Lazy To Go To The Gym

Getting to the gym is such a freaking struggle, especially when one of your many talents is being lazy. Seriously though, that sweaty environment is just so unappealing compared to the luxurious comfort of home sweet home. Still, you don't want to neglect your fitness goals forever, so lazy home workouts will have to suffice so that you can maintain the #gains while still living that sloth life.

Honestly, there are so many ways to lean into your lazy tendencies and squeeze in a quality sweat sesh right alongside your bed. Hell, if you really want, you can even do your workouts in your bed if you've officially reached that level of commitment to moving as little as humanly possible. Plus, if you happen to have an Amazon Alexa set up in your house, she can pretty much double as your very own personal trainer, so you don't even have to put in the effort of googling a HIIT circuit or a yoga flow. Being lazy has never been so easy, amirite?

So, when you want to move your body a little, but hitting the gym is just definitely not in the cards, try squeezing in these 10 moves with your favorite Netflix show on in the background, so you'll basically feel like the queen of multi-tasking, in the laziest way possible.

A Couple Of Casual Wall Sits
FitnessBlender on YouTube

Wall sits are amazing because you basically trick yourself into thinking you're doing nothing since you're not really moving at all — until your body starts vibrating from the muscle strain, that is.

Spoiler alert: Halfway through holding one of these bad boys, you'll definitely feel the freaking burn — just sayin'.

Grab A Chair For Tricep Dips

Who knew that all you needed was a chair for a killer tricep workout? Long gone are the days when you had to wait for a bench at the gym to pump out some tricep exercises.

If you wanna amp up the challenge a little, test your strength by holding yourself in the dip position for a few seconds before coming back up.

Work Your Core With Bicycle Crunches

You won't even have to pause your episode of Black Mirror to strengthen your core when you're doing bicycle crunches, and personally, I think that that's cause for celebration in and of itself.

These bad boys are a welcome change from typical, monotonous crunches, and you might even start enjoying yourself while doing them. No promises, though.

Change It Up With Side Plank Variations
Redefining Strength on YouTube

Try incorporating some side plank variations into your lazy home workout to keep your body guessing. Good thing you can face the TV while doing this to distract yourself from the fact that your obliques are on freaking fire.

Sculpt Your Back With Some Supermans

I mean, Superman must've had his lazy days too, right? Like, if I was busy saving the world on the reg, I would not want to go to the gym on my downtime, you feel me?

Plop down on your belly alongside your bed, and get ready to challenge all of your back muscles. You can even take a power nap after you're done because, you know, you're in the right position already.

Feel The Burn With Single Leg Bridge Lifts
Howcast on YouTube

If you're accustomed to the typical bridge exercise that majorly works your glutes, subtracting a leg will add a twist that's sure throw your hamstrings for a loop and challenge your hip flexors.

Try a few reps on each side for totally balanced booty gains.

Break A Sweat With Scissor Kicks
Howcast on YouTube

I don't know about you, but when I'm doing scissor kicks, I feel like I'm subconsciously telling myself to "cut it out" and actually be productive. TBH, it actually works, because after just a minute of this difficult ab workout, I feel like I can take on just about any exercise.

It's like the gateway lazy workout. Does that make sense to anyone besides me? No? OK, bye.

Get Low With Some Lunges
Howcast on YouTube

A good way to start doing this bad boy is to squeeze it in during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show. I mean, it's better than using that time to scroll through Instagram, right?

This move is gloriously lazy, but still works your quads and glutes in the best way possible.

Build Your Shoulder Muscles With Commandos
Hill works on YouTube

Commandos are basically a cross between a push-up and a plank. I know, it sounds dreadful, and it kind of is, I won't lie to you.

Just like you did in your Superman workout, treat yourself to some plopped-down lazy time and close your eyes for a bit when you're done with your reps. You deserve it, girl.

Move Your Body With Mountain Climbers
Howcast on YouTube

If you really want to break a sweat without getting up off the floor or leaving your house, mountain climbers will definitely get the job done, fam. This workout engages basically every muscle in your body, and it's a mini cardio workout that doesn't require venturing over to any sweaty, overpopulated treadmills.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!